DSC PG9938

PowerG 915MHz Wireless Panic Key

Dsc pg9938 powerg 915mhz wireless panic key

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The DSC PG9938 is a person panic key that a user can activate to quickly send for help. It is compact and water-resistant device that a user should have no problem keeping on them at all times. It also features an activation delay to reduce false alarms. Purchase the PG9938 from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC PG9938 Panic Key is a portable device that a user can activate to quickly send for help in an emergency situation. It features a large button that a user can press to alert the system and produce an alarm. It is also water-resistant and compact so a user can keep it on at all times.

Depending on its programming settings, the PG9938 can request police, fire or medical help. The device has a special activation delay feature that prevents a user from accidentally activating the device and causing a false alarm. However, the button is large and easy to identify, so a user should have no problem pressing the device in an emergency. It also features an LED light to provide a visual confirmation that a help command has been sent out.

A user has several options for keeping the panic key on them at all times. It can be attached to a keyring, or it can be secured around the neck with the included strap. The device also comes with a multifunction clip that allows a user to permanently mount the device on the wall or clip it to a belt. And since this is a PowerG Sensor, it features an impressive 2 km communication range with direct line of sight. It is also protected against hacking using 128-bit AES encryption.

NOTE: The maximum range for a PowerG Sensor when used with an IQ Panel 2 Plus System is only 2,000 feet in open air. This is considerably less than the advertised 2km range. The 2km range refers to when a PowerG Sensor is used with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System.

Brand: DSC

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