DSC PG9944 Outdoor PIR w/ Built-In Camera - Data Sheet

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DSC PG9944 - PowerG 915MHz Out Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera (2) 3V CR17450
DSC PG9944
PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera, & (2) 3V CR17450 Battery
List Price: $458.00
Our Price: $347.99

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Features That

Make a Difference:
• Patented 8 independent quad PIR
detectors (Octa-QUAD) operating in true
Quad configuration (patented) with true
motion recognition (TMR) processing for
each of the 8 PIR detectors
• Advanced Obsidian Black Mirror
(patent pending)
• Smart anti-masking distinguishes
between masking spray and rain
• Pet immunity up to 18kg (40lb)
• Compatibility with PowerSeries Neo

The power of PowerG*:

The power behind PowerSeries Neo
lies in various innovative technologies,
including the revolutionary PowerG,
which, bundled together, provide
a robust and feature-rich platform
designed to reduce operational costs
for dealers and provide ultimate
reliability for end users.

• Multichannel, Frequency Hopping
Spread Spectrum technology - to
overcome frequency blocking and
• Adaptive Transmission Power - for
battery life preservation
• High transmission ranges - for reliable
communication within up to 2km/2187
yards line-of-sight
• TDMA synchronized communication
technology - to prevent message
• 128 bit AES encryption - high level
protection against analysis tools and
digital attacks
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Wireless PowerG Outdoor PIR
Motion Detector with Integrated
PG9944 Wireless
PowerG Outdoor PIR
Motion Detector with
Integrated Camera
The PG9944 is an innovative
2-way wireless outdoor PIR motion
detector that comprehensively
addresses property owners’
security needs for accurate intruder
detection with minimum false
alarms. The PG9944 features
several innovative technologies
to overcome demanding outdoor
challenges such as rain, direct
sunlight, animals, changes of light
levels and more. The revolutionary

technology, which
uses eight PIR sensors, each
acting as a Quad detector, enables
the PG9944 to accurately and
reliably determine whether an alarm
is justified. Activated upon PIR
detection or upon demand, the
PG9944 can also send clear images
to the Monitoring Station for alarm
image verification.
Advanced Detection
The PG9944 uses a combination of
elliptical parabolic mirror optics. An
innovative mirror with extremely high
optical gain delivers an extended
range and provides superior
detection sensitivity.
The PG9944 also applies an
advanced motion analysis. A central
motion processor analyzes the
motion signals detected in each
of the individual detectors, taking
into account the time, amplitude,
background temperature, speed
of motion, size of target, and
the direction of motion. Then, it
compares the signals in relation to
adjacent detectors and calculates
whether a real alarm is justified
based on true motion detected
consecutively by the array of
individual detectors.
Finally, the PG9944 uses an
obsidian black mirror technology. A
unique, nickel-based, obsidian-like,
reflective surface acts as a selective
optical filter of infrared energy. In
this way, the PG9944 can virtually
eliminate white light interference and
increase detection sensitivity. For product information
Product specifications and availability subject to change without
notice. Certain product names mentioned herein may be trade
names and/or registered trademarks of other companies.
©2016 Tyco Security Products
Easy to Install | Link Quality Indication
The PG9944 is equipped with a visible link quality LED
indicator that lets the installer choose the optimal location
for installation, eliminating the effort of going back and
forth to the keypad. Additionally, device configuration is
quick and easy with no hardware switches or need to
re-open the device. All device configuration settings are
handled via the system keypad.
Coverage Pattern
Dimensions: ....................................
166 x 147 x 124 mm
(6-9/16 x 5-13/16 x 4-7/8")
Battery Life: .....................................
3 years (typical use)
Battery Type: .............
2 x 3V CR17450 Lithium Batteries
Weight: ......................................................
700 g (25 oz)
Operating Temperature:
.. -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
maximum number of PIRCAMS: .................................
(PG9934P and/orPG9944)
Please refer to www.dsc.com for the most current approval listings.
PowerSeries Neo Systems
PowerSeries Neo is Security Redefined
PowerSeries Neo by DSC redefines intrusion security by combining the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system
with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in the most comprehensive hybrid
system available in the market today.
This brand new and exceptionally flexible platform leverages the superior capabilities of PowerG – the industry’s
leading-edge wireless intrusion technology. Innovative alarm verification solutions, together with an exceptionally
comprehensive remote service software suite, make PowerSeries Neo the ideal first-class solution for residential and
scalable commercial installations.
PN 30001889