DSC PG9944

PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera, & (2) 3V CR17450 Battery

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The DSC PowerG PG9944 is an outdoor wireless PIR motion detector with built-in camera. The device will capture images when the sensor triggers a system alarm. The first image can then be viewed from Alarm.com. Purchase the DSC PG9944 Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Camera here.
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The DSC PG9944 Outdoor Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Built-In Camera is an excellent device for monitoring an outdoor area of a home or business. The built-in camera will take a snapshot of the area whenever the associated system enters alarm. The image will then be stored for viewing.

Having the ability to produce images is what separates the PowerG PG9944 from most other motion sensors. There are many situations where an alarm will occur, but the user will have no idea what caused it. This can lead to much confusion and questioning as to whether or not the system is working properly. But being able to produce an immediate image will eliminate this confusion. The user can simply check the image on the panel to learn the cause of the alarm.

The motion sensing capabilities of the PG9944 are also highly advanced. The device uses 8 separate PIR sensors, with each individual sensor set up with a quad detection configuration. This Octa-Quad technology is remarkably innovative, making this motion sensor truly one of the best. Each individual sensor also uses true motion recognition (TMR) processing for accurate motion detection. These features help ensure reliable motion detection, while also greatly reducing the possibility of false alarms.

Other features for the PG9944 include advanced obsidian black mirror optics to reduce light interference and smart anti-masking capabilities to distinguish between masking spray and rain. The device features pet-immunity for small animals weighing up to 40 pounds. This can be particularly important for outdoor environments that may occasionally have animals in the area. If the alarm system is set up with an interactive service platform, the user can receive an alert once the motion sensor has been activated so that they can immediately learn of any potentially unwanted activity.

Like any PowerG Sensor, the PG9944 offers excellent wireless communication capabilities. The sensor can communicate from up to 2 kilometers away from the security system, making it one of the most powerful wireless security devices available on the market today. A user will have no problem installing the device outside a barn or garage for outdoor motion detection. And with its 128-bit AES encryption technology, the PG9944 is almost impossible to hack or take over.

By communicating at a frequency of 915 MHz, the device will work with any DSC PowerSeries NEO Panel with a PowerG transceiver added, any Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with PowerG Daughtercard, or IQ Panel 4. Please note that an IQ2+ System must be running firmware version 2.3.0 or higher to support the PG9944. Only then can it be used successfully with the IQ2+ and Alarm.com. One great feature of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and IQ Panel 4 is that you can view any captured images locally from the panel touchscreen.

For installation, a mounting height of 8 feet is generally optimal, but the device can be mounted between 5 and 10 feet for adjusting the detection range. As an outdoor sensor, the PG9944 is designed to withstand rain, heavy sunlight, wind, dust and small insects. An LED light indicating link quality helps users choose an optimal location for ensuring proper communication with the panel.

The DSC PG9944 is powered by two (2) DSC BATT-PGx944 batteries. The typical battery life for these sensors is three (3) years, depending on the mounting location and programmed settings for the motion. When a low battery condition is indicated for the motion sensor, both batteries should be replaced at the same time.

Note: The PG9944 Image Sensor takes ten (10) images when the system enters alarm, all of which will be sent to the panel. However, only the first of these 10 images will be forwarded to Alarm.com. That image will be listed under "Panel Camera", and the Panel Camera Images feature must be enabled from Alarm.com for it to work.

NOTE: The maximum range for a PowerG Sensor when used with an IQ Panel 2 Plus System is only 2,000 feet in open air. This is considerably less than the advertised 2km range. The 2km range refers to when a PowerG Sensor is used with a DSC PowerSeries NEO System.

Brand: DSC

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Great Outdoor Image Sensor!
Submitted on 09/21/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC PG9944 is an outdoor image sensor. It can be used with any system that supports PowerG devices, including the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus and a DSC PowerSeries NEO with an added wireless receiver. The sensor combines a motion sensor and a still-motion camera into one device. The sensor will begin capturing images when it triggers an alarm on the system. Ten (10) images are taken in total and sent to the panel. However, only the first of these images is sent to Alarm.com for remote viewing. Overall, we like the DSC PG9944, and we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the DSC PG9944. For one, it produces high-quality images, making it easy for the user to determine what is going on when an alarm is triggered. The sensor is weather-resistant, and it can be used nicely in an outdoor setting. It is also great for use in barns and garages. It offers pet immunity for small animals weighing up to 40 lbs, which is great if you have a small dog or cat in your home, or critters that run around outside. We have found that this sensor is particularly useful for preventing false alarms, thanks to its Octa-Quad PIR Sensor and its True Motion Recognition (TMR) technology. And like any PowerG Sensor, the DSC PG9944 has a great wireless range, and it uses 128-bit AES encryption for enhanced security.

There are only a few downsides for the DSC PG9944. One issue is that the device will only capture images when it is the sensor that triggered an alarm on the system. If an alarm is caused by a different sensor, then no images will be produced. The fact that only the first of ten (10) captured images will appear on Alarm.com is also somewhat of a let-down. The sensor is rather bulky, and many users are turned-off by the fact that its design literally resembles a toilet. But these downsides aside, we can still give the DSC PG9944 a 5-Star rating.

Good: High-Quality Images, Weather Resistant, Pet Immunity, Octa-Quad PIR, TMR, Great Range, Encryption

Bad: Only Captures Images if Sensor Triggers alarm, Only First Image Sent to ADC, Bulky, Looks Like a Toilet

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Unfortunately the Quality for these sensors are not the greatest. They are meant to just identify if there is a break in or an occurrence at the premises. If you would like for a better quality picture, I would suggest upgrading to one of the Alarm.com cameras, that are equipped with night vision: https://www.alarmgrid.com/browse/security-cameras/brands/adc
I have 2 of these "PowerG Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Integrated Camera (PGx944)" but the quality of the photos and video are useless since I am not able to identify the person(s) in the frame. is there a setting or just bad sensors?
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