Image Sensors

Image Sensors are ideal for anyone who wants to quickly and conveniently confirm system activity before requesting emergency dispatch. These are simple devices, but they can offer superb benefits in verifying system activity and preventing unnecessary police or fire dispatch. Buy image sensors here.
DSC PG9944 - PowerG 915MHz Out Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera (2) 3V CR17450
DSC PG9944
PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera, & (2) 3V CR17450 Battery
List Price: $458.00
Our Price: $347.99
Honeywell Home PROINDMV - Indoor Motion Viewer for PROA7PLUS & PROA7
Honeywell Home PROINDMV
Indoor Motion Viewer for PROA7PLUS & PROA7
List Price: $114.00
Our Price: $84.99
DSC PG9934P - PowerG 915Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera, Pet Immunity
PowerG 915Mhz Wireless PIR Motion Detector, Built-In Camera, Pet Immunity
List Price: $232.00
Our Price: $177.99
IQ Card-IS - Qolsys Zigbee Daughter Card for Image Sensor compatibility
IQ Card-IS
Qolsys Image Sensor Daughter Card
List Price: $34.00
Our Price: $26.99

The easiest way to imagine an image sensor is to picture a PIR motion detecting sensor combined with a still-picture camera. When the device detects motion, it will take at least one picture. This picture will be sent to the user's interactive service platform so that it can be viewed from anywhere. This is great if you are currently away from your home, and you want to confirm system activity before emergency dispatch is sent out. You can check the image and see if there is a true intrusion or fire event or if it is just a false alarm.

Not everyone needs the full support of full motion video cameras, but they still might want some way to confirm whether or not an alarm event is legitimate. Even as alarm system sensors become more powerful and increasingly accurate, false alarms are still a possibility. You will want to avoid false alarm fines, as they are costly an unnecessary if you make the proper. You will also want to not bother your local police and fire department unless it is absolutely necessary. Image sensors can help you accomplish these tasks. PIR technology is very reliable in detecting movement.

It can be surprising to some users just how useful taking a quick snapshot of the inside of your home can be for confirming or disproving an alarm event. While it doesn't quite match the capabilities of full motion video, you can still take a quick look to make sure that everything is okay. If you see that there is an intruder or a fire in the picture, you will know to request help immediately. You might also use the image produced by your image sensor to check for obvious signs of a forced entry or property damage. Really, you can look for anything that indicates something is wrong.

Most image sensors are designed for use with a particular security panel. You will need to choose an image sensor that will work with your system. Not all systems have a compatible image sensor available. If yours lacks an image sensor option, you might consider using full motion cameras with your interactive service platform. Some panels will allow you to check the pictures taken from your image sensor without having to use the interactive platform. However, you will usually use your interactive service platform to check the produced images.

Alarm Grid offers image sensors that are designed for use with Security Systems. This is an interactive service platform that is used by many Alarm Grid customers. You can check the website or mobile app to check any of the images produced by your image sensor. The ADC Mobile App is particularly useful, as you can basically use your smartphone from anywhere. You can even have send you text and/or email notifications whenever a new image is produced. This way, you will know to immediately check the image for suspicious activity.

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