Honeywell 5800RL Quick Install Guide

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Honeywell 5800RL - Wireless Relay Module for Honeywell's Wireless Security Systems
Honeywell 5800RL
Wireless Relay Module
List Price: $150.00
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Product: 5800RL Title: Mounting, Wiring and Setup

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Remove the 5800RL’s cover from the base (using a small flat head screwdriver, insert screwdrivers tip in slot at top of the cover to remove.) Using the 5800RL base as a template, position in the desired location and mark the two mounting holes. Attach the 5800RL base using the fasteners supplied. Connect relay and power wiring to the 5800RL’s terminals. The 5800RL can be powered from either an AC or DC external power source connected to terminals 7 and 8. Power source ratings are as follows: AC – 9VAC, 15VA DC – 12VDC, 100ma Set Dip switches 2-6 to the appropriate House ID (1-31). Make sure the House ID set by the DIP switches matches entered in the control panel. If module supervision and/or tamper protection is desired, enroll the 5800RL serial number when programming the control. Note the following when enrolling: Input type = 3 (RF) Loop number = 1 Zone Type = 5 (day trouble/night alarm) Position the wiring in the exit slot and reinstall the 5800RL cover on the base. • Mount the 5800RL in a high location for best wireless reception. • Do not mount the 5800RL on or near metal objects. This decreases range and/or blocks wireless transmissions. • The 5800RL must be located to least 10 feet from any remote keypads to avoid interference from the microprocessors in those units. • To avoid voltage loss that occurs on long power lines, the external power supply unit should be mounted in close proximity to the 5800RL.

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