Honeywell 5800RL

Wireless Relay Module

Honeywell 5800rl wireless relay module for honeywells wireless s
  • Honeywell 5800rl wireless relay module for honeywells wireless s
  • Honeywell 5800rl wireless relay module circuit board
  • Honeywell 5800rl wireless relay module

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The Honeywell 5800RL is a wireless relay module used for adding remote sirens and strobes or remote arm/disarm indicators to any Honeywel...
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The Honeywell 5800RL is a wireless relay module used for adding remote sirens and strobes or remote arm/disarm indicators to any Honeywell LYNX Series security system that has a software revision of 9.0 or higher such as the Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus or any of the Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless security systems. Honeywell Lyric panels (Lyric Controller and Lyric Gateway) do not support the 5800RL due to a change in the RF house ID technology.

A Note from the manufacturer, (taken from the product Installation Instructions): This product uses latching relays, which retain their open/closed position even when power is disconnected. Due to shocks or vibration during shipment and installation, the out-of-box state of these relays may be either open or closed. When power is first applied, the relay will be set to its correct initial state. Please bear this in mind during installation; it is strongly recommended that you apply power only to this module (connect AC or DC power to terminals 7 and 8 only with nothing connected to terminals 1 - 6) before connecting and energizing any wires to the latching relays. Failure to do so may damage the relay, requiring replacement of the 5800RL.

The Honeywell 5800RL is a great addition to a Honeywell LYNX Touch security system as the LYNX Touch does not have enough auxiliary power to activate a hardwired siren or strobe. If the LYNX Touch alarm siren is not loud enough, your only option would be to add a Honeywell 5800WAVE wireless siren or use the 5800RL wireless relay. For people with hearing loss, the 5800RL is ideal as it allows you to attach a strobe so that when the Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless security system goes into alarm mode, the strobe will activate visually alerting anyone that is home to an emergency. The 5800RL provides (2) separate dry contact, form-C relays that are both rated for 2A at 28VAC/VDC. Relay A will follow the alarm siren and stay activated for any audible alarm zone type. When the security system is disarmed, or after the programmed bell timeout, whichever comes first, Relay A will deactivate. When a fire alarm is activated, Relay A will activate with temporal three logic so that your wired siren sounds the temporal alarm, alerting you to a fire emergency. Please note that a temporal pulsed output is not suitable for use with a strobe, as the pulsing output will not allow the strobe to charge properly. Strobe indicators should always have a steady power output. Relay B activates when the LYNX Touch security system is armed to turn on an arming indicator LED and unlatches when the wireless security system is disarmed.

There are (3) LEDs on the circuit board of the Honeywell 5800RL wireless relay module. These are located directly above the DIP switches. The red LED indicates the security system is currently armed and will stay off while the system is disarmed. The yellow LED when lit up solid indicates that the LYNX Touch security system is currently in alarm mode after a burglary alarm. The yellow LED will flash when a fire alarm has been activated. If the yellow LED is off, no alarms are present. The green LED indicates the 5800RL has proper power. If the green LED is flickering, a wireless RF signal is being processed from the LYNX Touch wireless security system. There is also a separate red LED by itself towards the center of the circuit board which indicates RF interference. If the red interference LED is lit solid, you should relocate your Honeywell 5800RL wireless relay module.

As sirens and sounders need a power supply, you will normally connect an auxiliary power supply to the power terminals of the Honeywell 5800RL. You will need a power supply with enough amperage to power the sirens you have connected as well as the 5800RL itself. A 16.5VAC transformer will power the power supply which will provide power out to the sounders. We recommend adding a backup battery to the power supply so that your relay and sirens will work even during a power outage. We also recommend housing the power supply and battery inside of a small metal alarm cabinet to keep the installation secure and neat. Once you have made all the necessary power connections, simply use the DIP switches on the 5800RL wireless relay module to match the House ID code programmed into your Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless security system. You can also program the 5800RL’s tamper/supervisory feature by programming a zone with zone type (5) which is trouble by day/alarm by night and input type (3) which is supervised RF. The loop number of the zone should be set to (1) and you will need to enroll the serial number from the wireless relay module as you would any wireless zone.

Brand: Honeywell

The 5800RL does not NEED to occupy a zone. If you want to supervise the relay then it will require a zone but it is not required for it to operate a simple relay. Simply power it up and put it within range of the wireless receiver. Then match the house ID and it should work. We have a bundled kit with everything here:
Can the 5800RL be used with the Vista-21ip and 6160RF which already has all 40 wireless zones in use? I also am using a 5800WAVE and 2 keyfobs. I am wanting to remotely drive the 702 siren from my gable and use an AD12612, AD1321 transformer and a UltraTech 1240 battery.
Thank you!
Thanks for the email, now I do...I also found the info online and now use it to lock a door if the alarm goes off.. Yes it is me from kmayday1, LOVE THE SERVICE !!!
Yes, the 5800RL is compatible with the L5210 LYNX Touch system. Did you see we also offer no-contract monitoring services for the L5210 system online at Please let us know if you are interested.
Hi Ken, Just in case you didn't see Julia's reply, yes the 5800RL works with the L7000. Also, are you the same Ken May we monitor currently off of a different email address?
Will this work with a lynx5210?
Ken, it is compatible with all the Lynx Touch panels, from the L5000 to the L7000. I've updated the wording in the description, in hopes that this is more clear.
So this won't work with the l7000 ?
The Lyric and 5800RL are not compatible, I suggest the SixSiren if you're looking for a siren to works with the Lyric.
Is this incompatibility issue for the Lyric Gateway also apply to the Lyric controller? I purchased a Lyric Controller which I am setting up now, I was assuming the whole 58xx range is compatible with it and I purchased a 5800RL so I can hook up the Lyric with an external wired alarm. The House ID can be set on the Lyric under tools->program->system type. I set that value according to the DIP switch setting on the 5800RL and when I activate the alarm the red LED lits off indicating relay B is activated which is ok as per the manual. But when an alarm is triggered the yellow LED never comes on. Havent yet found a way to fix this, but now I am wondering about compatibility?
If you have the 6160RF, the 5800RL would work with the panel as well.
Can this be used with a Vista 20p using a RF keypad? I understand it uses the house ID. I need to add a wired siren/stobe across the property where I cannot run a wire.
Yeah, for adding a siren, that method is probably easiest (using the Z-Wave plug).
I didn't see this post and I called. The person I spoke to on the phone suggested using a Z-wave switch and said any should work. So, I decided to go that route. I went ahead and ordered my system from you a few minutes ago. Thanks for your time.
This is a copy of another post I made to you under another product: It is annoying, but Honeywell has a pretty good track record for making their new devices continue to work with the old products and vise versa. That being said, I'm not sure what's going to happen with the bi-directional 5800 series stuff...if it will ever be supported on the Lyric. FortrezZ actually makes a Form C relay that I've verified (by calling FortrezZ, not by testing it myself) will work with the Lyric, so if you're looking to do something with a dry contact closure, that should work. It's called the MIMOLite. It'll do some things that are not supported on the Lyric (I'm not sure what all they are) but if you just want a dry relay to change state based on an event on the panel, that should work.
I would prefer a wired siren. But, it seems the siren options with the Lyric are limited.
We agree that dropping House ID technology (the tech required to support the 5800RL) was short sighted on Honeywell's part. We hope that Honeywell releases a SiX series encrypted relay that the Lyric supports but we do not have any information from Honeywell on that. What exactly are you looking to do? I may have another solution for you.
I'm thinking about getting a Lyric because it does have a lot of good features. But, its incompatibility with even relatively recent Honeywell wireless devices is annoying. The Lyric is incompatible with even Honeywell relay modules, and doesn't even have its own relay module. What are they thinking??? Update their stinking firmware on the Lyric and make it work with, oh, you know, HONEYWELL products???
Have you tried simply enrolling the motion detector and walking it out to the garage to see if it can communicate back to the panel without anything else needed?
A Lynx 5210
No, the alarm relay on the 5800RL will activate for an alarm on any zone type that would normally cause a siren to sound, including fire. The only way to make it not activate for fire is to not have any fire.
Is there anyway to disable to the Fire alarm sounder and only use the Burglar?
No, this should not be used for that type of setup. What alarm system do you have?
Could this be used to add a motion detector to a detached garage about 200 ft away?
Ah, I apologize for that mis-information. We originally thought the 5800RL was going to be supported as the Lyric has the RF House Code programming but unfortunately the Lyric doesn't support any of the bi-directional 5800 Series devices. We've updated that other page to remove that line about supporting the 5800RL.
Thanks, that explains it. I was going by this link:
Unfortunately, the 5800RL is not compatible with the Lyric system.
I am having trouble getting the 5800RL to work with my Lyric. I have tried many different configurations. There is no option for remote sounder. I can get it to auto enroll its serial number but then I get stuck on the other parameters. The 5800C2W works fine (hardwired retrofit). Any help or screen shots would be appreciated.
Assuming it has some sort of relay or contact on it that should work. Cannot make any guarantees. Relay Rating is 2A, 28VAC/VDC. Provides two, dry contact, form-C relays. Relay A activates on an alarm condition, and follows bell time out. Relay A will latch on in a Burg condition and do Temporal pulsing in Fire alarm. Relay B activates when system is armed in any condition, then unlatches when disarmed.
Could one use this relay to activate/deactivate a maglock?
Go for it, if it works, let me know. I assume you basically jump your commons out on the 5800RL then come off NO on relay A, and NC on relay B, but I'm lost as to where things are going on Relay C, and if you have your diode in that position, won't it keep current from flowing to your sounder/LED?
I think I would need to add a 2nd DPST relay, I would supply power to the LED through relay B in series with one pair of contacts on the 2nd relay. When relay A triggers, it will supply current to the coil of the 2nd relay via a diode, as well as to the siren. The 2nd relay would be wired to latch on, but supply the coil from it's own contact. When relay A deactivates, the 2nd relay stays active until relay B deactivates and removes power.
The 5800RL will follow bell timeout on Relay A, so the only way to make it stay activated, would be to turn off bell timeout. There is a trigger on the L7000, which is programmable, however it only provides 3mA of current, so I'm not sure it would be enough by itself to light an LED. You could certainly try it. If it's not enough current, you'd have to add a sensitive relay, such as the RBSNTTL, and trigger it with the output trigger, and break one leg of power through the relay to light your LED.
My old Radionix system had an LED mounted on a plate on the exterior of the house. It was programmed to turn on if the alarm had gone off - as a visual indication that perhaps intruders may still be inside. Unlike the siren, it stayed on until the alarm was disarmed. Can I use this relay to do that? I have a 7000 panel.
You could wire up Relay B to a strobe like this one - to show it the system is armed or disarmed.
Do you have any recommendations for an exterior set of arm/disarm lights that can be used with the 5800RL? I would like to have a visual indication of the system being armed and disarmed when using a keyfob to arm the system when I'm already out of the house
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