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Honeywell 6150V - Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad
Honeywell 6150V
Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad

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Deluxe Talking Keypad

Talk about convenience!
Our Deluxe Talking Keypad actually speaks to you—providing security system status in plain, spoken English. The other benefits speak for themselves as well. The keypad also features: • A convenient Family Message Center that lets everyone record and playback voice memos for one another • A bright, easy-to-read fixed-English display • Comfortable, soft-touch keys labeled with simple commands and illuminated for easy nighttime visibility • Four one-touch function keys that can be used to contact the police, fire department and other emergency response personnel • A contoured removable door that lets you choose the look you want, with the four function keys remaining accessible • A sleek, attractive white console that blends with any décor and can be placed on a wall or tabletop The convenient, sophisticated features make security system operation easier than ever—and make the Deluxe Keypad a product worth talking about!

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