Honeywell 6150V

Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad

Honeywell 6150v talking fixed english alarm keypad

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The Honeywell 6150V is a talking fixed English alarm keypad. The 6150V hardwired keypad has all the functions and features of a Honeywell...

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The Honeywell 6150V is a talking fixed English alarm keypad. The 6150V hardwired keypad has all the functions and features of a Honeywell 6150 keypad with the addition of convenient voice notifications. The 6150V will speak to you the system and zone status, as well as alarm events and trouble messages from a hardwired Honeywell security system. The 6150V comes with a fixed-English display, meaning it will display zone numbers and fixed messages, and for this reason, is recommended as a user keypad, but not for advanced programming purposes.

In addition to speaking system notifications and zone status, the 6150V can also be used as a message center, to record and replay voice messages. To record a message, press [#] function + [0] voice + [1] record, and the red message LED will light, meaning there is a recording in progress. To end the recording, press the [1] record key and the red message LED will flash, indicating that there is a new message. You can play the message by pressing [#] function + [0] voice + [3] play, and after it is played for the first time, the message LED will no longer flash. The volume of the voice on the 6150V can be adjusted as well.

Simply press [#] function + [0] voice + [2] volume, and the press the [3] key to turn the volume up, or the [6] key to lower it. When you adjust the volume, the word “check” will be spoke to verify the current level. The Honeywell 6150V can also be used in voice chime mode, meaning it will speak the zone descriptor as a zone is faulted.

The 6150V talking keypad must be addressed with a value between (00) and (30) to match an active address on the Honeywell control panel it is being used with. Like all Honeywell keypads, the 6150V uses a four wire data bus connection when wiring it to the security system. With its ability to speak zone and system status to you, the 6150V provides a convenient way to always be aware of your security system as long as you are in earshot of your keypad.

Brand: Honeywell

Love hearing this keypad!
Submitted on 10/22/2012 Joanne S.

We used to just get the beep beep everytime we opened our door. Now the talkign keypad actually tells us which door is open. Love this keypad!

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