Honeywell 6150V (K4392V2-H M7240) Mailer

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Honeywell 6150V - Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad
Honeywell 6150V
Talking Fixed English Alarm Keypad

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For peace of mind, insist on Honeywell.


hen it comes to security, comfort and convenience, homeowners look

to Honeywell. We’re proud that millions of families place their trust in us, and we know that your family will feel at home with our products, too. After all, your security comes from knowing you’ve made the very best choice for their protection.
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Security worth talking about.
Talk about convenience! Honeywell’s Fixed English Voice Keypad actually speaks to you. It audibly announces system status feedback in clear, spoken English—without any buzzing or flashing lights. And voice capability also keeps you in touch—letting your family record and playback voice memos and reminders for one another! The other benefits speak for themselves as well. The keypad arms and disarms with push-button ease, literally putting security at your family’s fingertips! The soft-touch keys are backlit to provide you with greater visibility at night, a bright, easy-to-read fixed-English display spells out system status at a glance, and function keys provide single-button operation for arming, lighting control or emergency situations. Discover the value of voice and the other convenient, sophisticated features that make security system operation easier than ever—and make Honeywell’s Fixed English Voice Keypad a product worth talking about!

Comfort and your fingertips.

The convenient countdown display lets you know exactly how long you have to leave the house before the system is armed. Forgot your keys? It automatically restarts should you re-enter your home right away.

Enhanced Lighting
Your lights can be programmed to strobe on and off during an alarm, and remain strobing as a warning to those arriving home. You can also create an "on and off" schedule to create a lived-in look when you’re away.

Single-Button Operation
Arm the system, turn lights on and off, send a page or display time with the press of a single button.

Family Message Center
Family members can record and retrieve voice messages right at the keypad.

Remote Control Convenience
Honeywell’s wireless remotes provide simple, single-button control of your security system, lights, garage doors and more.

The convenient personal zone list helps you keep track of the zone numbers assigned to each protected area of your home. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Front Door
Back Door

Master Bedroom Living Room
Side Entrance Suzie’s Room