Honeywell 6160PX (K4274B1-H M7274) Dealer Benefits

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Honeywell 6160PX Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Proximity Reader
Honeywell 6160PX
Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Proximity Reader
List Price: $338.00
Our Price: $236.99

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Top Reasons Dealers Benefit from Choosing Honeywell’s 6160PX

Close More Sales

Honeywell’s 6160PX is a tremendous sales opportunity—letting dealers offer appealing, easy-to-use, cost-effective portable protection devices. It is especially appealing to anyone who fears remembering a user code or has difficulty pressing keypad buttons.

Reduces Attrition

Prox technology makes operation convenient and fool-proof—making end-users likely to interact with their systems more often and renew their accounts because they will see the value and security their system provides.

Fewer False Alarms

The keypad arms (armed away) and disarms systems with a swipe of the prox tag, reducing end-user created false alarms and eliminating the need to remember codes. The four-digit user code is already incorporated in the tag.

More Convenience

The compact, lightweight tags slide onto any key ring and can be carried with household keys, wallets, backpacks and more.

Easy Installation

No additional modules are required. The 6160PX can be used in any hardwired or wireless installation.

The Features Dealers Expect

The 6160PX also contains the same great features dealers expect in Honeywell’s custom alpha keypads—including a crystal clear display that spells out system status and zone information in plain English, four one-touch function keys that can be custom-programmed to summon emergency response personnel, backlit keys for greater visibility and a versatile design that blends with any décor.