Honeywell 6160PX

Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Proximity Reader

Honeywell 6160px alphanumeric alarm keypad with integrated proximity reader

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The Honeywell 6160PX is an alphanumeric alarm keypad with an integrated proximity tag reader. The 6160PX allows you to arm and disarm you...
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The Honeywell 6160PX is an alphanumeric alarm keypad with an integrated proximity tag reader. The 6160PX allows you to arm and disarm your security system by conveniently swiping a small proximity tag near the keypad. The 6160PX simplifies the operation of your Honeywell security system, reducing false alarms, and making use of the system as easy as possible. You and your family members no longer need to remember user codes, or be worried about making a mistake when using a complicated keypad. The 6160PX has all of the same features are the 6160 keypad, with the addition of the prox tag reader. A backlit alphanumeric screen makes it easy to perform all system functions, including control panel programming.

When your Honeywell security system is disarmed, simply present your prox tag near the bulls-eye on the 6160PX, and the system will arm in away mode. If the system is already armed, presenting the prox tag will disarm the system. If there is an alarm in progress, presenting the prox tag will silence the alarm and disarm the system. The 6160PX comes with (2) lightweight prox tags that can easily be attached to a keychain. Additional proximity tags can be ordered in both black and grey with the part numbers: PROXTG-BK and PROXTG-GY.

The 6160PX must be programmed with (2) keypad addresses, one for the keypad, and one for the proximity reader. Note that while the 6160PX requires the standard Honeywell ECP four wire connection to the control panel, the green and yellow data wires must be disconnected while programming the proximity reader address. Each proximity tag is enrolled as a user in the Honeywell control panel. The last four digits of the tag’s serial number should be programmed into the security system as a user code.

With the 6160PX, you never have to give out user codes again, and then worry about changing them after your guests have left. Simply provide temporary guests or even family members with a prox tag for their keychain while they need to be arming and disarming your alarm system. The 6160PX can also encourage reluctant family members to use your Honeywell alarm system as it provides the easiest way possible to arm and disarm the system quickly.


Hi KC, No, unfortunately, that is not an option offered by the 6160PX or the VISTA-20P.
Is there an option to configure the 6160PX in conjunction with a 20P to require to disarm, both an authorized user's proximity card and that user's PIN?
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