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Fixed English Slimline Alarm Keypad
Alphanumeric Slimline Alarm Keypad
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $153.99

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narrow minded

Introducing the 6149EX and the 6165EX Slimline Portrait Keypads.
Ideal for small, hard-to-fit spaces, Honeywell’s new 6149EX and the 6165EX Slimline Portrait Keypads fit in narrow areas between doors and windows, allowing greater mounting flexibility and helping you close more sales. The 6149EX contains a compact, easy-to-use fixed English display, while the 6165EX features a custom alpha, 32-character display with customized zone descriptors. What’s more, the unique keypads program and function exactly like Honeywell’s popular 6150 and 6160 keypads, simplifying installation and end-user training. They’re a perfect fit.

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