Honeywell 6290W Enabling WIFI and OTA Updates - Dated 09/2019

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Honeywell 6290W - VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
Honeywell 6290W
VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
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Document Transcript

This document contains important information regard
ing 6290W
Touchscreen Home Security System installation. Ple
ase read
the entire document before installing this keypad.
The following steps are required to enable Wi-Fi
Communications and permit AlarmNet 360™ to send
Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates to the 6290W To

Refer to the 6290W Touchscreen Installation Guide (
p/n 800-24918A or later) for additional information

Enable the Wi-Fi communications
1. Once the unit is powered up and the Home Screen
is displayed. Select the
(Settings) icon.
2. Select “System WiFi”.
3. Toggle the “Wifi” option to enable Wi-Fi communi
4. Select the desired Wi-Fi network from the displa
yed list and enter required information.
5. Select “CONNECT” to connect to the Wi-Fi network
6. Select the
(Home) icon to return to the Home Sc
reen or “