Honeywell 6290W

VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad

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The Honeywell Home 6290W is a talking touchscreen keypad for Honeywell VISTA Systems. It offers a sleek, ultra-thin design, full-color touchscreen controls, an intuitive user interface, spoken voice annunciation, a digital slideshow feature, and more. Buy the Honeywell Home 6290W here.
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The Honeywell Home 6290W provides a fresh, clean interface for your Honeywell VISTA Security System. This full-color touchscreen keypad offers a gorgeous design and easy to understand menus that will impress any user. With this keypad, you will be super eager to operate your VISTA Panel!

Through the years, Resideo has continued to innovate with new alarm system keypads. The 6290W replaces the older 6280 Keypad and has given it a refreshed, more inviting look. With the 6290W, you get a beautiful 7" Wide Super VGA touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution. You will also love its backlit display, which makes the keypad easy to use at night. Its menus are intuitive, making the keypad great for new VISTA System users. It also offers a thin tablet-like design that will leave the device less than 1" off the wall when mounted. You can even set up a digital picture frame to have the keypad display photos when not in use. Voice and chime functionality is built in.

As for the security functions of the keypad, there really is a lot to offer. Console Mode has returned from previous iterations so that you can program the system just like you would from an Alphanumeric Keypad. The keypad arming functions are easy to understand, and you can conveniently bypass zones from the touchscreen when you go to arm. Quick Arming can also be enabled so that you do not have to enter a code when arming the system. Keypad software updates can be applied over the air (OTA) through a WIFI connection, or locally at the keypad using the SD card slot. A retrofit mounting plate allows you to easily swap in a 6290W in-place of a 6280 Keypad or a 6160 Keypad for your convenience.

Note: There is a limit to the number of touchscreen keypads you can use with a VISTA System. A VISTA-15P can support up to two (2). A VISTA-20P or 21iP can support up to four (4). A VISTA-128BPT or 250BPT can support up to six (6). The 6290W will connect with the panel using a 4-wire connection at the keypad bus. You will need to address the keypad as an AUI device.


  • Device Type: Wired Touchscreen Keypad
  • Touchscreen: High-Resolution 7" WSVGA
  • Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Compatibility: Honeywell VISTA Systems
  • Dimensions: 5.06"L x 7.94"W x 0.76"D
  • Misc. Features: Backlit Screen, WIFI Connectivity, Console Mode, Quick Arming, Zone Bypassing, Chime, Voice Annunciation, Picture Slideshow

Brand: Honeywell

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Can I change out a 6270 touch screen with a 6290 by just connecting the 4 wires? Or is more involved with this upgrade?
Hi Mark, I did confirm this was a revision issue, and has already been corrected. Once you get your 6290W connected to WIFI and get the OTA updates enabled, it should be updated, and the problem should be fixed.
HI Mark, if this is a revision issue, I haven't yet heard of it. I've reached out to Honeywell to see, and I'll let you know when I hear something. I know that the reason the 6290W has internet access is so that it can get OTA updates when they are available, so is your 6290W connected to the internet? If so, is it set to enable OTA updates? See the image attached, if you need to enable either of these things.
Your keypad needs a firmware update to show keypad on disarming
Hey Mike, The 6290 does not have Zwave support. I know that the new TUXWIFI is supposed to be released some time this year.
Does this touch pad control ZWAVE lighting and show IP Cameras like the older TuxedoWIFI Touch model I have or is there a newer comperable model to the TuxedoWIFI? Does this have a ZWAVE controller like the older Tuxedo in it or would I need to add an external ZWAVE controller?
Hi Mark, Have you tried leaving the device on console mode? This will allow the alphanumeric keypad to stay on the screen
I have my keypad on the home screen where it shows the green yellow or red badge. This makes it easy to arm on the way out. However, when entering the home it does not automatically go to the keypad screen to enter the disarm code. It stays on the home screen and we have to click disarm to get the keypad to appear. Is there a way to make the keypad automatically show when entering the house? Thanks.
Received the info, THANK YOU SIR!!!
I got your email Kevin and I sent you a reply with information that will help you out. Thanks for reaching out let us know if you need anything else and have a great day.
I did not get a photo of our panel, but I know it is a VISTA 15P. I will email support for instructions on how to adjust the voice trigger sensitivity on the TUX, thank you!
I will be happy to answer that. The 6290 Does not have the feature of voice control. I am also interested in what panel that your tux is connected to If you don't mind sending me some pictures, or if you can detail the 'WA' number that should be printed on the black PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board inside the beige metal alarm cabinet that would be helpful. There is also a way to adjust the sensitivity on the TUX to prevent false triggers, you can reach our email at we would be happy to help with the TUX
Does this unit have the ability to arm the alarm system by voice, similar or the same way as the Tuxedo WIFI panel? If so, is the voice prompt trigger improved over the tuxedo Wifi touch panel? Our TUXWIFI constantly "false alerts" the voice prompt from TV dialogue and regular conversation in the room, w/o the "Hello Tuxedo" voice prompt command ever being spoken...
After you enable the timeout and save and it does timeout, is the setting then unchecked once it never times out again and you go back in to re-enable it or are you saying it's not timing out and the timeout setting shows it's enabled? If you can share any pictures or video that would help us diagnose the issue. Just send them to and we can try to assist.
I have an issue with the 6290 where the backlight timeout setting does not hold. The screen will timeout the first time the setting is saved, but then stays on and does not timeout the next time the screen is woken. Happens on all of the panels, not just one.
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