Wired Touchscreen Keypads

Wired touchscreen keypads are great devices for controlling hardwired alarm systems. A touchscreen controller can be much more pleasant and inviting than a traditional push-button keypad. Wired touchscreen keypads are surprisingly simple to integrate with a panel. Buy wired touchscreen keypads here.
Resideo Tuxedo
Commercial Touchscreen Keypad w/ Built-In Z-Wave Plus Controller for VISTA
List Price:
Our Price: $246.99
Honeywell Home Tuxedo
Residential Touchscreen Keypad w/ Built-In Z-Wave Plus Controller for VISTA
List Price:
Our Price: $246.99
PowerSeries NEO 7" Hardwired Touchscreen Keypad w/ Prox Support
List Price: $370.00
Our Price: $241.99
Honeywell 6290W - VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
Honeywell 6290W
VISTA 7" Color Touchscreen Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $181.99
Honeywell 6280 - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell 6280
Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
List Price: $486.00
Our Price: $317.99

Wired touchscreen keypads are add-on accessories for hardwired alarm control panels. These devices provide an on-site access point for controlling your system. This includes arming and disarming, bypassing sensors, and checking current system status. Nearly anything you can do on a traditional push-button keypad you can do just as easily or more easily on a touchscreen keypad. These devices really make your alarm system more inviting to use on a daily basis. And by having the keypad connected with the panel, it will draw all its needed powered directly from the system.

Many users prefer the easily controls and the intuitive designs of wired touchscreen keypads. These devices can really turn any cold and intimidating hard wired alarm control panel into a device that you have no trouble interacting with and using on a daily basis. You will no longer have to enter complex and intricate codes to perform basic tasks. Instead, the menus are well-organized and presented with the end user in mind. This makes these devices a great investment for anyone who is trying to enhance the accessibility of their security system.

A great aspect of touchscreen keypads is that they often have what is referred to as a Console Mode. This is a special feature that allows the touchscreen keypad to operate as an Alphanumeric Keypad. This can be necessary for performing deep-level programming that would otherwise only be possible on a push-button keypad. Occasionally, you may need to make deep-level programming changes to your system. This can include things like enrolling new sensors and changing system timer settings.

Another useful benefit of a wired touchscreen keypad is that it can be misleading for an intruder who intends on destroying the home's security system. Many intruders mistakenly believe that a wired touchscreen keypad is the actual alarm system. But this is not the case. The touchscreen keypad is just a controller for the alarm system. The actual hardwired alarm panel will normally be hidden away somewhere. Even if an intruder destroys the keypad, they will not be affecting the actual system. Even without advanced features like APL or Crash & Smash, signals will still be sent out.

One thing to keep in mind with touchscreen keypads is that these devices are considered Advanced User Interface (AUI) devices. There may be a limit to the number of hardwired touchscreen keypad you can use with a single wired alarm panel. You should check the installation manual for your alarm system and/or the touchscreen keypad to find out if any of these restrictions apply. This can be very important to keep in mind if you plan to use a large number of keypads with your security system.

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