Honeywell Technical Notification 036 - Lyric MR8 Release Notes

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Document Transcript

Technical Notification #36
Technical Updates Directly

Technical Notification #035


New Lyric Controller Software Release for the U.S.
and Canada (Software
Revision 1.08)
Lyric Controller LCP500-L and LCP500-LC

March 2019
Dear Valued Customer:

Resideo is pleased to announce a new software updat
e is available on AN360 for the Honeywell
Home Lyric Controller. This update includes some Pa
nel enhancements and addresses some minor
field issues.
This new update includes:

Re-Association with AN360 can now be performed with
out the need to default the Panel. The
“New Panel Association” button will remain active a
fter the panel is associated with AN360 in
case there is a need to re-associate it.

WiFi indicator on the upper left corner of the pane
l will show a Red X if Internet access is lost; to
alert the Homeowner of the issue.

SiX series transmitter supervision interval has bee
n narrowed from 12 hours for all devices to 6
hours for Burglary Devices (4 hours on the LCP500-L
C) and 2 hours for Life Safety Devices (i.e.;
SiXSiren, SiXSmoke, SiXCombo, and LKP500 keypad).

New SiX Programming Mode enhancements:

On the SiX Programming Mode Zone Edit screen the Zo
ne # will now be displayed in Red if the
Zone is Faulted, and Services----Tampered will disp
lay in Red if Tamper has been tripped.

On the SiX Programming Mode Home screen, all learne
d SiX series devices are now displayed
for programming edit. Newly learned devices will sh
ow ‘Newly Enrolled’ in place of the Zone

LKP500 Keypad performance enhancements:

Keypad will no longer beep after performing an upda

When Voice is disabled the keypad will no longer sp
eak when armed Night Stay

Added Compatibility of Eaton Cooper Z-Wave Light Sw
Remote Upgrades: You can now upgrade your panel wit
h the latest firmware maintenance
(US 1.08.07718.491, Canada 1.08.07720.491)
using the
AlarmNet 360™
programming tool.
Product still in the Box: This new software revisio
n will be updated to production units and filter
through ADI within the next few weeks. To ensure th
e product on the shelf has the latest software
revision you can look at the white label on the out
side of the box for the software revision. Please
ensure the first 4 digits are 01.08 or higher.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of
Resideo’s Honeywell Home products. If you have
any questions or require further assistance, please
contact your local Sales District Manager or
Customer Service/Technical Support @ 1-800-645-7492


Rob Marabella
Sr. Offering Manager Residential Intrusion
Resideo Technologies, Inc.

The Honeywell Home Trademark is used under license
from Honeywell International Inc.