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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch
Talking Color Graphic Wired Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI
Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

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Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch™

The Most Cost Effective Security Keypad and Home Controller
For Your Home or Business
Centralized control of security system, video cameras, Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lights, door locks and shades from the Tuxedo Touch controller or through any local Wi-Fi enabled devices. Manage energy costs with customized scenes that can set back thermostats and turn lights on or off based upon specific events or time of day. Built-in web server allows user to control system locally from any Wi-Fi enabled device included iPad®, iPhone®, AndroidTM, BlackBerry®, Tablet, PC, etc.

Offer the same user experience remotely with Tuxedo Touch remote control options. Whether you want to arm/disarm, view live video, receive important e-mail and video alerts, the opportunities are there to add valuable RMR.

Large 7" touchscreen and most intuitive user interface makes operation simple.

Enhanced security with the ability to view up to four IP cameras right at the keypad.

Honeywell’s Widest Range of Sensors and Accessories
Door/Window Transmitters

5800MICRA Recessed Window Transmitter

5811 Thin Door/Window Contact Transmitter

5814 Ultra-small Door/ Window Transmitter

5815 Door/Window Transmitter

5816 Two Zone Door/Window Transmitter


5817CB Commercial Transmitter

5816OD Outdoor Wireless Contact/Transmitter

5800RPS Wireless Recessed Transmitter

5818MNL Recessed Transmitter

5819WHS Shock Processor, Transmitter and Shock Sensor

5820L Slimline Door/Window Transmitter

5821 Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector

5819 Shock Processor and Transmitter

Life Safety Options

5193SD/SDT V-Plex Addressable Smoke Detector

5806W3 Wireless Smoke Detector

5808W3 Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector with Low Temperature Detection

5809 Wireless Rate-of-Rise Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

5800CO Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

WAVE2 Siren

5800WAVE Wireless Siren

745VSD3PK2 Trilingual Voice Siren Driver with 32 ohm Speaker

AVS Two-way Voice for VISTA®

Space Protection


5800SS1 Shock Sensor

5853 Glassbreak Detector

5870API Indoor Asset Protection Sensor

5800PIR-OD Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor 5898 Wireless K-Band DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor

5800PIR-RES Pet Immune Wireless PIR

5800PIR Wireless PIR with Selectable Pet Immunity and Low Temperature Alert

5800PIR-COM Wireless Commercial PIR with Low Temperature Alert Wireless PIR

Convenient Remote Controls and Personal Emergency Response Options


5802MN 5834-4 5802MN2 5834-4EN Single-Button Four-Button Wireless Key Dual-Button Personal Panic Four-Button Wireless Key with Personal Panic Plated Bezel and Key Ring 5804BD/5804BD-PK 5878 5804BDV Bidirectional Remote Wireless Remote Keypad Bidirectional Remote with Voice Annunciation

VISTA® Control Panels
Residential Control Compatibility VISTA-15P/FA148CP VISTA-15PSIA/FA148CPSIA VISTA-20P/FA168CPS VISTA-20PSIA/FA168CPSSIA VISTA-21iP VISTA-21iPSIA Commercial Control Compatibility VISTA-128BPE/FA1660CE VISTA-128SIAE VISTA-128BPT/FA1660CT VISTA-128BPTSIA VISTA-128FBP/FA1670C VISTA-250BPE VISTA-250FBP/FA1700C VISTA-250BPT

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