Honeywell Tuxedo Touch VLC Video Converter Guide

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6280 Series TouchCenter Keypads
VLC Video Converter Instructions
The VLC Video Converter is required to convert videos for proper playback on the 6280. The following instructions apply to PCs. Use an Internet search engine to locate and download the VLC Player/Converter, then follow the instructions. From your PC: 1. Open VLC Media Player. 2. Select Media, and from the drop down menu, select Convert / Save. 5. Enter a Destination file name. NOTE: Enter the destination drive path for the SD card and type in the full file name including the file extension “.mp4”. 6. Go to “Settings” and enter the Profile and then select Create a new profile.

3. From the “Open Media” screen, select the File tab and in the “File Selection” box Add the Source File: video1.mp4. 4. Click the Convert / Save arrow and select Convert from the drop down list.

7. Enter a Profile Name. 8. From the Encapsulation tab, select MP4/MOV.

9. Select the Video codec tab and check the Video box. Recommended Settings for 6280 use: • On the “Codec” drop down list, select MPEG-4. • In the “Bitrate” box, enter 600 kb/s. • In the “Frame Rate” box, enter 24.00fps. • In the “Width” box, enter 400. • Leave the “Height” and “Scale” blank.

12. Select your customized Profile (to convert). 13. Select Start; the video will begin converting.

10. Select the Audio codec tab and check the Audio box. Recommended Settings for 6280 use: • Check the Keep the original audio track box. • On the “Codec” drop down list, select MP3. • In the “Bitrate” box, enter 56 kb/s. • In the “Channels” box, enter 1. • In the “Sample Rate” box, enter 8000. 11. Select Save.

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