Honeywell VAM Troubleshooting Check List

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Honeywell VISTA Automation Module (VAM) - WIFI Z-Wave Controller for the Honeywell VISTA Series Security Systems (white exterior)
Honeywell VAM
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Document Transcript

VAM troubleshooting Checklist

LED Status
Green and Blue should
be solid, Yellow
will blink once per second when broadcasting SSID


Check for dual band routers
/ multicast and repeaters

Dual band
- SSID name
for the 2.4GHz band must differ from the 5GHz
band SSID name (VAM must use the 2.4GHz SSID)

Repeaters on the Wi
-Fi Network may interfere with the VAM’s operation

VAM supports only 2.4 GHz
– B/G only

VAM supports only WPA or WPA2 encryption

Connect to the homeowner’s router
to test connectivity

SSID and PASSWORD can be case sensitive

SD Card:
If the VAM has received a pushed update in the past those files may be stored on the SD card,
interfering with the boot up process. Remove the SD card from slot and try the boot up process