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The VAM is basically the guts of the Tuxedo Touch without the screen. Allowing users the ability to access their VISTA unit using port forwarding, the VAM is the perfect Z-Wave controller for anyone looking for an option that is more affordable than the TUX.
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Until the introduction of the VISTA Automation Module (VAM), consumers who wanted to marry the incredible home automation features Z-Wave offers with the incredible features of Honeywell's most reliable wired security systems such as the VISTA 20P or VISTA 21iP needed to purchase the very expensive Tuxedo Touch. Luckily for those who are budget conscious, Honeywell has released the VAM, in an effort to allow users with wired systems to take advantage of the incredible features once only unlocked using the TUX keypads.

This unit, which can be added to any of Honeywell's VISTA P-Series Systems (except the VISTA 10P) and the commercial VISTA Turbo Panels, is capable of controlling up to 232 Z-Wave products. The unit will allow Z-Wave control of thermostats, lights, locks, shades, and more. Although the VAM may technically support up to 232 devices we recommend staying under 100 devices on the local network for efficiency and reliable operations. Also, the Total Connect 2.0 service only supports remote control and live status of up to 40 lights, 3 thermostats, and 4 door locks. Additionally, much like the Tuxedo Touch, the unit will broadcast a network allowing users to control the system locally using port forwarding features. Additionally, the VAM will allow control of cameras and is even compatible with Honeywell's newest low-light Total Connect camera - the Honeywell iPCAM-WL.

Like much of Honeywell's newest hardware such as the L5200, and the L7000, the VAM allows the on-board software to be updated over the internet. Much like Honeywell's wireless security systems, this unit is capable of using many of Honeywell's newly released Z-Wave features such as the scenes that can be adjusted based on sunset or sunrise. Like Total Connect, the VAM will allow users to view up to 4 cameras at the same time. However, unlike Total Connect's ability to handle only up to 6 cameras per account, the VAM itself will allow for an user to view utilize up to 32 cameras. Additionally, the VAM will allow an user to email themselves notifications to up to 4 email addresses. The unit is 8.25 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 1/2 inch deep. For those needing to do a power calculation to determine whether the need for an additional power supply such as the Altronix SMP3 or Honeywell's AD12612 will be needed, the unit draws 12V, 180mA from its power source.

Brand: Honeywell

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You certainly seem to be running the latest version but I suppose it couldn't hurt to re-flash it again. You shouldn't need to do anything other than the steps explained on the toolkit website I linked in my previous reply (using the download file we provided). If it's still acting like that after another re-flash of the latest version, I would then try a full factory default of the unit as the next step.
Hey Sterling, Thank you for these links, I will sit down tonight and go through them. I tried everything I could think of, these docs give me a little hope again. I do notice that in the "Tuxedo Wi-Fi and VAM (Vista Automation Module) Camera Compatibility Chart (Honeywell and Third Party Camera’s)" doc it shows a screen with a user/password field, my VAM does not have this. I wonder if I should try to re-flash the VAM with file Dylan sent me? If I do reflash it do I need you guys to push another download to it, or can I just write down all the settings on all the screens and do it that way? As for the resets, Pull up the main VAM screen - Then click the setup button in the lower left - then click on the "i with 3 monitors" - This will be the system info screen that shows the resets. It seems to be resetting when the interface becomes unstable well using it. I say unstable because you will get a slow response from the VAM and what ever you clicked on will not load - Like a webpage not loading the progress bar does not move on the browser. If you wait a minute or two and login again to the VAM you can check the resets and it will be one number higher. Thanks for the help, I look forward to hearing back from you and your thoughts.
Hi Landon, That 6.2.10 version is the latest which you can confirm at We have a compatibility document for cameas to the VAM at and it's fairly old so other cameras not on this list may still work. Also, the VAM installation guide at has more detailed information on setting up cameras to the VAM. If you still can't get them connected, please call us or email so we can troubleshoot further. Also, when you say it is resetting, can you detail where you're seeing the logs of that?
Hi Landon, I do see you emailed us and Dylan assisted you. Thank you for your service :)
It seems he was trying to send you a manual for that camera but the link has been moved. Since we do not sell that camera we do not have any FAQs on it so you may want to google the cameras installation/programming guide.
Hi Dylan, These links do not work anymore, do you know what info was contained on these pages?
Has any new firmware/software come out for the VAM? (Current version on VAM is 6.2.10/1.11) I am having trouble getting my ONVIF cameras connected to the VAM for local viewing. Has anyone made progress on this issue? Also the VAM webpage runs fast sometimes and slow others, when it runs slow it seems that it is 'resetting itself'. To the point where it has logged over 100 resets in less than a day.
The VAM and Tux scenes live independently, so you will have to rebuild the scenes on TC or just leave them on VAM and let them run from there.
i have a VAm with my scenes programed into it. i now also have total connect. should i delete the scenes from the vam and put them in total connect?
Thanks, Joe. I'll give that a spin.
Program D-Key as shown in the attached pic. Program Relay to trip on ZT, ZT66 with action of Toggle, and program the zone it's tied to as ZT23, then program VAM to activate on Fault or Restore (depending in how they want it to work) of that zone number.
That's what I was afraid of. I'm wondering if maybe there's a hack-y way to get the job done: I have a 4204 relay connected to the 20p panel. What about programming Function Key D to fire a relay which has its output connected to a wired zone that it would fault, and then use that wired zone to trigger the VAM action?
There is not a way to set up the D key as a tigger button, unless you map it as an arming button and create a scene based on that type of arming.
One more follow-up question: Is there a way to make Function Key D on a 6160RF operate as a VAM trigger? Using a zone as a trigger, I see Fire, Panic, and Medical zones that would allow Function Keys A - C to trigger an action, but it's not clear how to make Function Key D do the same.
Honeywell doesn't provide us with all of the old firmwares and only shows us the latest version. Is your system monitored currently?
I've read through those links before and I think the biggest issue is the VAM does not have user/password fields available to access the camera (the Tuxedo does). I can stream the camera through VLC using modifed RTSP links that embed the user/password, but its a no go for the VAM. Is the original firmware not sitting around on an ftp server somewhere?
1) There is not a way to revert the firmware, 2) I suggest review the links I'll be including to help you get your camera functioning properly. Usually if they aren't working, its an IP setup issue on the cameras or the VAM, I suggest verifying the IP settings and making sure your router is communicating properly. Review those links, they should help in getting the camera functioning properly.
I have upgraded to the latest firmware (6.2.10) and now I am experiencing some problems. The GUI load times when clicking on the different menu items is either fast (like before) or slow at times, to the point where the page even times out. The experience is quite bad now. Has this issue been acknowledged by Honeywell? Any way to revert back to the original firmware? In addition, at this point, I am still unable to connect my Hikvision IP camera to the VAM as well. Thanks!
Great, I would assume you aren't running TC2 in that case. When using a VAM or Tuxedo Touch WIFI without monitoring service through Honeywell/AlarmNet, that box does need to be checked for scenes to work properly that are triggered off of panel zone faults. Did you see we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at Please let us know if you are interested in any of those services as we'd be happy to help.
Got it working, I think, and checking the Primary RIS Device box was the ticket. Thank you. Before I had that box checked, the scene wasn't working. It was doing the strangest thing: any of the 4 keyfob zones would trigger the scene, even though the only trigger in the scene was the zone for the 5834 loop 1 (asterisk button). Now that I've checked the Primary RIS Device box it works properly.
Have you tried setting up a scene with the trigger being a fault of the zone number you have programmed as No Alarm Response for the fob button you want to control the scene? Also, is your system monitoring and if it is, do you have Total Connect 2.0 service? Another helpful bit of information to troubleshoot would be whether or not you have the Primary RIS Device box checked on the VAM ECP setup page or not.
I have a Vista Automation Module connected to a Vista 20p panel, as well as a 6160RF keypad and 5834-4 keyfobs. I would like to add a scene triggered when the asterisk (*) button is pressed on a Honeywell 5834-4 keyfob. How do I do this?
Yes, that would work if I just checked 'disarm', but I also want to be notified when the alarm is armed. It's when 'armed stay' is checked and the system is armed, that the Vam keeps sending out notifications stating 'armed stay' over and over again every time a motion is tripped.
I also had that problem - Since ALARMS are very rare if ever, I wanted to get EMAILS every time I DISARMED to be sure that the EMAILS were actually working. I did this by: 1. Hilite SECURITY and Check DISARM (maybe you can also check AWAY SECURED, and ARM STAY, but DISARM is enough for me). 2. Hilite ZONES and Check ALARM Good luck - Hope this does what you need.
Bill, my excitement was short lived. If I switch to ZONES and ALARM, then the only notifications I get will be for actual 'alarms'. I'll no longer get the notifications alerting me as to when the system is being armed or disarmed. I really like knowing when the system is being turned on and off.
Bill, thanks for that info, I'll give that a try today.
My VAM has been working well for a couple of years now, but occasionally (once every 2-3 months) losses its Internet connection, requiring a push button reset. Of course, this happens when I'm on vacation and not around to push the button. Does anyone else have this problem or have an idea on how to solve it?
I had this problem. A work around is to set up your email to be triggered on ZONES and ALARM instead of SECURITY and ARMED STAY.
I have ver 6.2.10 and the VAM is still reporting 'armed stay' notifications when ever a motion detector is tripped. It doesn't set off the alarm, it just sends notifications that the system is in 'armed stay' EVERY TIME a motion is tripped. This has been an issue for over a year, and it's hard to believe it hasn't been resolved yet. The only way to avoid these continuous notifications, is to manually put all the motion detectors into 'bypass' before arming the system. But, in armed stay mode, they should be bypassed anyway. Unfortunately the VAM still sees them until you manually bypass them.
thank you!
Ah Ha! Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying
The scene triggers off a zone fault must somehow use the RIS (remote interactive services) feature that wasn't available on his panel until he upgraded to a version 9.12 or higher.
Can someone explain why the 20P PROM upgrade fixed By's problem? I thought I understood the VAM/20P relationship, but now I'm confused.
Not true, I was able to see the faults on the VAM, the scenes just didn't trigger on a fault. Not logical but resolved with the new PROM.
Congratulations! I'd like to understanding what's going on: Is it true that you were unable to see any specific faults on the VAM before the PROM upgrade?
Thanks for reporting back!
10.23 PROM upgrade did the trick. Strange but true. Thanks for your help Julia!
Well folks, problem solved with upgrade to PROM 10.23. Thank you for all of your help!
I had the EXACT same thought process and tried lots of different combinations. At least upgrading the PROM will take that possibility off the table. I was a bit too frustrated to mess with it any more until the new chip gets here. Perhaps there might be some other side benefit to the upgrade as well ;)
If you have time, do 91=80 see if your scene still works? I am at work cannot do now. But that was how I got my scene working. My interpretation is you need to enabled RIS on the panel for either local or TC. Further, if TC, set VAM primary RIS off, if local, set to on.
FYI, in this scenario, my Office Window is programmed as ZT04 (what you would usually see on a motion) I also tried this with the zone programmed as a perimeter, and it worked both ways. In my case, I faulted the zone and checked my VAM, and it didn't show it as faulted until I told the VAM to Refresh Data
Only in the banner but not in the zone list view
It says to do that "If using Remote Services". Since you can't use Remote Services on a Vista-20P - 3, that programming doesn't apply and isn't the reason this isn't working for him. Upgrading his PROM chip should only allow him to use his Automation devices through Total Connect 2.0 if he chooses to do so.
I thought By could see faults on the VAM??
As stated in the VAM Installation manual, 20P With eprom below 10 needs to enable RIS on the panel in order for scene to work. When BY faulted the PIP, he only see fault on the alarm status, but not in the grid. He posted a picture of this. Which I presume is because RIS not enabled on the panel, therefore scene will not work.
I've been thinking about your problem. Chances seem nil that upgrading your 20P PROM will have any impact, since the VAM IS getting fault info properly from the 20P. This problem is specifically that VAM scenes won't work/ won't trigger the VAM Z-wave outputs, even though you can trigger the Z-wave outputs manually from the VAM. I'd work exclusively on scenes - try a bunch of different triggers and conditions to see if you can get any scene to work. Meanwhile, try not to shoot yourself!
Ok, just my thoughts on all this. Per Honeywell MyWebTech, a Vista-20P - 3 or higher will support a VAM. It only has to be version 9.12 or higher to support Total Connect 2.0. Version 3.0 should support local Z-Wave control on the Vista-20P, so, like Sterling, I'm curious to see if the PROM upgrade will solve anything. I had a Vista-21IP -4.23 with a VAM Software version 6.2.9, and I tested with the programming you see in the attached screenshots When I fault zone 3 (Office Window) my lamp comes on at 50%. I upgraded to 6.2.10 on the VAM, and performed the same test, and it also worked.
I had assumed that because you said * 91 had only one digit entry (it automatically advances to field * 92 if you enter an 8 after hitting * 91) that you had a newer version PROM. Please report back after upgrading the PROM as we'd be curious to hear if the change from 3.0 to 9.12+ is the fix for you or not.
What zone type are you using for the water zone? Most people use Zone Type 08 (24 Hr Auxiliary) and if you did, it would be causing an alarm on the water sensor, not a fault. If you change the zone type to 03 Perimeter, you can use the water sensor to test the zone fault triggering the scene.
Correct. Only the 8.
You did go into programmming mode and hit #91, and it did not display 8 and then another digit?
Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. I ordered a PROM chip upgrade for the 20p, maybe that is the root cause.
Here's an idea: What if there is some invisible default CONDITION that is not met but is blocking the trigger? All of my scenes include a condition that I added. Test this by adding a condition and see if it enables the fault to trigger the action.
you may have to do 08,02 i forgot, but 2 have to there. try#91, it should show 08 first and then switch to 02.
Hmm, perhaps the BIOS is the problem after all? My understanding was that the 9.12 version was just if you were using TC2.0. The VAM does show the faults, it just isn't taking action on the scenes.
you must do *91=82
i think 9.12 is the min. you can confirm with Sterling
Yes, sure is. I've also done the *91=8
you turn on Primary RIS right, it is required for zwave scene to work
I'm running Software 6.2.9 and firmware 1.11
the 20p is rev 3.0. I believe I read 2.0 was the minimum?
6.2.9 and 1.11. Did you also upgraded your bios on the 20p, there is a min requirement
unfortunately I don't have any of those zone types, just fire, co2, water and motions.
Hi, could you share what software and firmware version?
Have you tested the same setup but with a door/window contact/zone?
Software v 6.2.10 and MCU firmware v1.11
This may have been asked and answered, but what firmware version is the VAM on?
Did a quick install of garage door opener and VAM controls it perfectly. However if I create a scene to either open or close based on a motion sensor fault, still nothing happens.
The VAM scene is working manually as well as with a scene based on timers. Is there a way to send email notifications for a fault? Mine only shows alarm, trouble and restore. I have a z-wave garage unit that I haven't yet installed, maybe I will get that in this weekend and see if I can successfully trigger a different Z-wave device type.
Hello. I just created a scene, trigger by motion fault to turn on a light for 10 min, and it worked as expected.
I was suspecting that the Z-wave may not be transmitting from the VAM or that the receiver switch may not be receiving the signal, but you said you can turn the light on manually from the VAM verifying that Z-Wave is working. Make sure you can still turn the light on manually from the VAM (verify Z-Wave is working and and within range) Try setting up an email notification from the VAM on fault from the problem zone. If all the above works, I think VAM software is implicated which seems highly unlikely.
I don't have any door zones but I have several water zones and used one of those. The water zone faulted, shut off the water valuve and the VAM send me the alarm notification email. The VAM did not however initiate the scene for that zone! I tried with both fault and alarm triggers in the VAM. So it seems there's a software problem if the VAM is taking action on the email notification but not the scene!
Not using conditions at all at this moment. Good thought though!
Here's an idea: Could you have your scene set up wrong? You should have the Zone Fault set up as the TRIGGER to the scene and not as the CONDITION.
Can you test the same scene using a regular door zone fault to see if it works for that?
Great idea, I forced a fault at the panel for the motion zone and it did show up on the VAM zone summary screen - I suspect the motions were clearing the fault too quickly before. That said, it did not run the scene defined for that zone fault! Now I am really going crazy!
Geez that problem you're having would drive me crazy. The fact that you see all faults except motion detector faults on the VAM zone summary screen is wild. Here's a test for you: disconnect the motion sensor from the 20P and connect the EOL resistor across the terminals for that zone. If that doesn't indicate a fault on the VAM and everywhere else, the next step is to jump off a bridge!
Just for shits I changed ZT to 10 and still no go. I did upgrade to the latest software before I installed, v 6.2.10 and MCU firmware v1.11. Is there such a thing as a software upgrade for the 20p panel?
The only thing I'm doing differently on my motion sensors is using ZT =10 instead of ZT = 01 or 04. That shouldn't matter, but who knows?
I would try deleting the Scene and then re-enabling the Primary RIS device option and then setting the scene back up and testing again.
Yes, it is showing a fault on the keypad (also beeps in test mode). Also on the VAM screen the top banner shows a fault as well. When I look at the zones view ( , the zones do NOT show a fault (see photo).
The newer panels don't have the 2nd option so the RIS is already enabled. Is the system actually faulting (showing a zone fault on the keypad) when you walk in front of your motion?
Manual run works fine. Field *91 just reset to 8 (no option for a second #).
Okay, I would try re-enabling the Primary RIS and ensuring that field *91 in programming is set to 8 2 as Bill mentioned.
While I don't know why, Sterling had alerted me that the following field on my 20P must be set: Field *91 = 8,2 I do not use TotalConnect, and I have my Primary RIS box checked, ECP Address = 1, and RIS Automation Address ECP = 25. As a test, can you turn on the light by hitting the "Manual Run" button from the list of your scenes?
ZN=03,ZT=01, Partition 1, Report Code 01, HW type NC=1, Resp Time=1 Scene: Conditions: None Trigger: Hall Motion (zn 3), Fault Action: Lighting device selected (GE Z-Wave Dimmer), On for Time (10 min), Mid Brightness
Can you detail the zone settings you have programmed for the motion and also the Scene/Trigger programming you have set as well?
Disabled primary RIS, VAM restarted, motion fault scene still not working. (I previously enabled primary RIS in attempt to get the scenes working). Any other thoughts?
Disable that option and the scenes should start working for you.
Primary RIS enabled. (ECP add=1, RIS automation ECP add=25).
On the ECP Address setup page so you have the Primary RIS option enabled or disabled?
Also, I just changed to ZT 01 with same result. I see the fault on the panel and on the UI, but the scene is not triggering.
Thanks Bill. I think I have it set up that way. The motions are ZT=04 and I can see them faulting on the web page as I walk through those zones however the scene settings you describe above aren't working (I had the same). I have the same lights also on a separate scene that is triggered by time of day and it is working fine. Are there any other zone settings on the 20p that I should check? Or a different/custom zone type? Thank you!!
Yes, you can do this, assuming that you have the motion detector attached to your 20P as an alarm zone. On the VAM, you set up a scene that has a trigger with "Event Trigger Type" = Zone, and choose "Fault". When the motion detector senses motion, it is a "Fault" in the 20P regardless of whether the 20P is armed or disarmed.
Is it possible to program a scene to trigger on a motion detector zone while the system is disarmed? I would like a motion detector to turn on lights but can't figure out how to program it in a scene - the only options are fault or alarm. Thank you
Not that I'm aware of, but we don't really support the feature of the VAM emailing directly to you, so there may be something in those settings that I'm not familiar with.
Hi Julia, I followed the step-by-step guide and now I can connect with no issues. I just noticed that I am not getting all the emails when I disarm the alarm. I think that the VAM is getting in to a sleep mode or something like that.. As soon I connected via IP, everything works back again. Is there is something in the VAM setup that "sleep" the unit?
Thanks, that works for now. I will double check in the afternoon today and see if it still working.
I believe Julia is right. Your VAM has to be ported to a specific and fixed port on your router, so the VAM address from within your house will be something like Then, in order to access your VAM remotely, you "Port Forward" port 193 to an externally recognized port. You are close to having it all working properly.
Thanks Julia, I will check that and let you know...
Sorry just saw this. the is, I believe, the default IP. After you set it up for your WIFI Network, the IP should change. Try going through this step-by-step guide: and let me know how that works.
You would have to sign up for service that includes Total Connect 2.0 and remote home automation. We offer no-contract plans online at Your alarm system would also need an IP or cellular (or dual path) AlarmNet alarm communicator if you don't have one now.
How can I integrate the VAM to the Total Connect 2.0 apk?
You can integrate it into the Total Connect 2.0 app. Do you have monitoring service for your system now?
I will do that and let you know. Also, is there any Android application that works with VAM?
It sounds like something with your network blocking access to the VAM for some reason. Unfortunately, it's not something we can really help you troubleshoot but you should check the DHCP setup of your network.
Yes Frank... I am using the same Wifi network
You are totally right! that is exactly what is happening
Are you doing all of this locally on the same WIFI network?
When you say it "works" does that mean you were able to access the VAM after the reset but then it stopped working some time after that?
Yes I did and works, but then the same issue happened again.... I cannot access the VAM through the ... Any idea?
Did you try the Reset button on the side of the VAM?
Any Idea??
Thanks Julia, The VAM is working now with no ECP errors. Then I programmed the emails and other notifications but, after a couple hours, I lost the access through the and I cannot see my VAM again. The VAM still sending emails and everything but I cannot access the control panel screens. I disconnected and reconnected with no luck. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your help!!
Both the 6280 and the VAM default to address 1. I imagine you have both devices set to address 1 and this is causing an address conflict. It will be easier to change the address in the 6280 than in the VAM, so I would recommend you go into Setup > CS Setup > ECP Address, and change it to address 2 instead of 1. Save and allow it to reboot, then see what happens. Usually Address 1 and 2 are both enabled by default in those panels.
Hi, I just bought the VAM and I was trying to install it to my Vista 20ip and my 6820 touch screen pad. Yesterday I got some ECP errors, but after a time, they disappear. After a day, the VAM stop working, so I did a factory reset... Now is connecting again but I am getting the same ECP error and my 6820 is rebooting all the time. I am not a Alarm expert, so what I am doing wrong?? Thanks in advance for all your help.
Okay, I'm glad to hear I was helpful. Just so you know, with TC2, it would unlock support for more scenes. We offer no-contract monitoring plans online at if you are interested.
Thanks - I understand, although with the VAM limited to only 10 scenerios, it doesn't make sense to burn 2 scenerios each time I want Sunrise and Sunset work. I'll just use the clock and avoid Sunset and Sunrise. Thanks for the explanation.
The scheduling accounts for a full 24 hour day so you can't have it roll over to a time after midnight. You may need to setup multiple schedules if you want something to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise. For instance, you could have SUNSET as the start time with 11:59PM as stop time and then another schedule for the same action to come on at 12:01AM and go off at SUNRISE.
The VAM won't accept the condition of start time: SUNSET, end time: SUNRISE. These are the conditions for dark outside. Gives warning message: END TIME SHOULD BE LATER THAN START TIME. Any insight? Thanks
With a VAM not connected to TC2, the Sunrise/Sunset feature is dependent on the “Region” selected in the Time/Date setup section and requires internet access for accuracy.
I have been using SUNRISE and SUNSET times as Conditions necessary to trigger VAM automation sequences. I've noticed that the SUNRISE and SUNSET times are not updating. Does anyone know how these are supposed to update or what to do to get them updating? My VAM is tied to my home WIFI, but not to TotalConnect.
Thanks a lot. I was hoping to use ZWAVE devices as alarm sensors.
Are you sure it's Z-Wave and not Zigbee? I found an Amazon page that seems to say it's Zigbee and I know the IRIS works with WIFI, Z-WAVE and Zigbee devices. Also, you are correct that the VAM can only work with Z-WAVE control devices and can't accept inputs from a Z-WAVE sensor. Honeywell does have a list of compatible Z-Wave devices at Other Z-Wave control devices may still work but these have been tested and proven to work.
Does Honeywell maintain a compatability/interoperability test list for VAM?
It is a ZWAVE device, both Wink and Smartthings are Z-Wave. The VAM documents seem to infer that it can only control devices, so perhaps VAM cannot monitor switches or sensors.
That doesn't seem to be a Z-Wave device. If it's not Z-Wave, it won't work with the VAM.
Does anyone know if the NYSE door hinge switches (as seen at Lowes... will work with the VAM or if there are any secrets to get it running. The switches work OK with a Samsung Smartthings hub, but I cannot get them to register/associate with the VAM (even when I hold it within a few feet).
What type of Modem do you have? Is there another port on the modem where you can run it direct to the Airport Extreme and create a completely separate network treating the Airport as a router not an AP? I know that some of the DOCSIS 3.0 modem/gateways have several ports and can be put into bridge mode where you can connect several routers and broadcast several networks. Maybe this would help the VAM affecting the speed of the N network if it is on a different router?
I did not realize it was affecting the N network as well. I do not have a fix for that but I can report it to Honeywell. So when you pull the VAM off the G network, both G and N networks go back up to 100Mbps?
Frank, I think there's a misunderstanding. I can connect to the VAM wirelessly with no issue. The issue I am having is that my wireless internet speed is now really slow with the VAM on. Is there a fix for this issue?
What exactly happened when it didnt work? Were you unable to scan for it and have it show up? Are you sure you set it to G and rebooted before trying?
Yes, the VAM is connected to the local WIFI network. VAM is located in upstairs master bedroom and wireless AP is located downstairs behind a closet door. This is configured as wireless G network. I have a second Apple AirPort Extreme that I connect other devices to and if I connect to the 2.4Ghz radio internet speed is about 30Mbps as opposed to the actual 100Mbps I have coming in. If I connect to the 5Ghz radio from a device that supports it, the speed is not affected. Problem is I have several devices that only function on 2.4Ghz.
The VAM only supports 2.4GHz B and G networks. It does not support N. Where is the VAM located in relation to the Router or closest access point? Do you have solid signal? First you have to connect to the VAM's network. Then you scan and connect to your local WIFI network. Did you do that?
Could you please post what you did to bridge to the wireless N Router? I've tried a couple of wireless G access points and can't seem to get this to work.
Happy to assist and I'm glad to hear it does in fact work on WPA2-AES for you now.
I am able to get wpa2-aes to work, after resetting and reconnect the VAM. thank you for the help
And did you try it on WPA-PSK(AES) mode to see if it would work?
Got it...thanks!
Both router and VAM are on latest firmware.
Is that the most recent firmware version for that router? Also, what firmware version are you running on the VAM? Finally, would you be willing to try it on WPA-PSK(AES) to see if that works?
You can download the firmware updates online at You'll have to create an account and use the Intrusion and AlarmNet section.
Just curious where to download the firmware updates and how to install? I can't seem to find the correct site/instructions. Any help is much appreciated.
I am using TP link archer c7, firmware 6.2.9
What router are you using? Honeywell has tested both types of WPA2 and both work with their test setup so they think it's related to your router or firmware. Also, what revision of the VAM are you running?
We know it's supported on WPA and WPA2 but Honeywell doesn't have any documentation about WPA2-AES vs WPA2-TKIP. I will report to them what you are experiencing though.
WPA2-AES Hello, the VAM is not able to connect to wifi configured with the more secured WPA2-AES security. It can connect with the less secured WPA2-TKIP. Can you check with Honeywell? Steps: change wifi security on router to WPA2-AES, reboot router, VAM does not connect. Change wifi on router to WPA2-TKIP, reboot router, VAM connects.
Okay, well unfortunately some Z-Wave products simply aren't compatible with some Z-Wave controllers. If your company and Honeywell have confirmed everything is setup properly then I would think that means the CT100 simply isn't fully supported by the VAM and you'll have to try another Z-Wave thermostat instead.
They have. Honeywell logged into the total connect app and saw the problem and there answer was it should be working and since it is not the Honeywell T-Stat we can not help you or guarantee compatibility.
I can't find any documentation that says the VAM is definitely compatible with the CT100 but I would imagine if you were able to get it included to the VAM, it should work. You shouldn't need any port forwarding for Z-Wave TC2 access. I would have your alarm company reach out to Honeywell to see if they can assist further.
Yes it came with the latest firmware 6.2.9
I will check that first thing tomorrow. Can it be anything else? Honeywell told me that they couldn't help since it wasn't there Honeywell z-stat. Do I need to do any port forwarding on the router for Total connect control with the vam? I don't think I programmed an automation address in the v15p under *189 could that be an issue? The garage door opener and lamp module do work through the TC app. Thanks
Are you running the latest software version on the VAM? It doesn't necessarily ship with the latest version. Check out
I am using total connect with a newly installed vam. I also have a ct100 t-stat. I can see the temp and set point via TC app but when I try to change the temp it says controlling than goes back to the prior temp. The T-stat doesn't change temp and if I look at the events in the app it doesn't show the event of changing the temp. If I login to the vam via direct IP on the network I can control it. Any ideas?
The VAM talks to the locks via Z-Wave so I believe the 128 bit encryption you speak of if when you are using Schlage direct app to the lock and wouldn't come into play at all if you are accessing the lock via the VAM. Yes, you have the ability to setup scenes within TC2 that aren't accessible via the VAM itself which would add to the total number of scenes the VAM support.
Thanks for the quick reply. I am not using Total Connect right now but plan to use the VAM to control some Schlage Link locks which do require 128 bit AES encryption. I do have the the link to the VAM set up for an https connection with port 443 forwarded in the router. I assume that should allow the VAM to connect to the new lock. Just want to make sure as this determines a major way in which I move forward. Another confusing thing about the VAM and Total Connect is that the info says the VAM can do 20 scenes when used with Total Connect. But the VAM manual indicates a limit of 10 scenes. Is this because the scenes are stored on the TC server when using TC? Does this then allow for 20 scenes on TC and 10 scenes locally on the VAM? Thanks again for all the quick help. Need to decide how to proceed with either TC or add another ZWave hub to mix.
It supports 128 AES encryption when used with Total Connect 2.0 when communicating with the Total Connect servers. Otherwise, it's just a web server so you'd have to set up the proper port forwarding in your network to have remote access and you'd have to secure that connection with the proper network setup.
Does the VAM support 128 bit AES encryption that the new Schlage Link lock use?
I suspect you are having the same problem that I had - it is with your Internet Service Provider. My ISP blocks me from using a server other than their own to send EMAILS. In your case, you are trying to use the GMAIL server, which Comcast may not allow. I switched to having the VAM send EMAILS from my ISP account instead of my GMAIL account. To do this, I configured the user SMTP to be my EMAIL account at my ISP. Note that you will need the SMTP Port Number from Comcast - in my case, that Port Number was documented on my ISP's website, in the same place I found the name of their EMAIL Server. Once it is properly set up, the VAM sends EMAILS very reliably - I've been using it for about 6 months. Incidentally, to get this working, you will also need to check the box under ECP Address that the VAM is your Primary RIS Device. The RIS Automation ECP Address is 25, ECP Address is 1.
Sorry Jim, but we don't provide tech support on the email functionality of the VAM.
I have been trying to get the email function of the VAM working with the following data in the fields E-Mail Server Name: GMAIL E-Mail ID: Password: mypassword E-Mail Server: SMTP PortNum: 465 Ports 433 and 6280 are forwarded in the router. I do have access locally and remotely. Nothing has triggered an email. I followed the Youtube video exactly but nothing. My ISP is Comcast if that makes any difference. I also have a mail server on the LAN that requires not authentication for LAN access. That doesn't work either. Any suggestions
Unfortunately the VISTA-10SE is not compatible with the VAM or the Tuxedo Touch WIFI Z-Wave controllers.
Hello. I recently added a z wave network and devices to my home, but my alarm system is old and never considered upgrading the existing hardware to be compatible. I assume I will need to get a new alarm panel but was curious if there is any chance my system, the Vista 10SE would work with this?
The new Lyric system ( ) coming out mid-December will be the new all-in-one wireless system from Honeywell that will incorporate encrypted/spread spectrum wireless technology for their sensors.
To automatically switch to Daylight Savings time, go to Set up / System / Time and Date Set up, and hit the DST button. You can set which weekends you go to and from DST.
i didn't used sunset and sunrise, I will test it tonight. I just use fixed time for my schedule. however the DST time change didn't work on my VAM last weekend, i had to update the time manually.
While the VAM data sheet says that scenes using sunset and sunrise times are automatically updated for the correct times, my sunset and sunrise times are not updating. Does anyone know how to make this work properly?
Look around the internet and you will find time and time again that setting a modern router up to support legacy WiFi cuts your speed in half or more depending on the circumstances. I FINALLY figured out how to do exactly what was mentioned, bridging in an older Wireless G router into my Wireless N router and finally all is good. This took me a year and a half or so to figure out. I have all but given up with alarm products that try to modernize legacy panels like the vista 20p, There is so much less headache with a totally wireless system that was designed from the bottom up with all this home automation and remote access built in (L5200 comes to mind.) I do not understand why honeywell keeps putting out 20p etc.. they need to redo the whole product line like dare I say DSC/tyco did with the NEO system - which I will not buy because DSC equipment is always so buggy. The NEO system has a properly encrypted keybus as all modern system do not to mention encrypted/spread spectrum wireless. Thanks for the responses.
I have a VAM and saw your note. I checked my internet download and upload speeds through my Netgear Wireless N router. My speeds meet my ISP spec which is 16Mbps download, 2 upload. Based on this I don't believe the VAM is downgrading speeds. Are you having a different experience?
We agree that Honeywell is pretty behind on their WIFI support for their Tuxedo Touch/VAM devices since they don't support N. The LYNX Touch panels at least support B/G/N with the L5100-WIFI module. With that said, it should be as easy as hooking up another router in bridge mode to the newer, more advanced router to avoid the slow down of the entire network when the VAM is added. Honeywell is not ever going to provide you tech support on the network side though so I'm not surprised you didn't get far with them.
The comment below was to Honeywell and NOT to Alarmgrid. This was in reference to one of many frustrating calls to honeywell tech support.
The VAM slows down my customers modern routers when connected it and I was asking the rep to help me remedy the situation by connecting the VAM to a router that my company purchases and then to the customers router - not unlike what I believe is done with TC cameras and the Honeywell WAP. I was asking the rep for a an answer to how I could connect the VAM to a wireless G router since that is the legacy WiFi protocol that it uses!? Then connect that router to the customers router which is usually a wireless type N, A/C, etc.. and not the older wireless G. If you connect a VAM directly to a customers modern router, you must set the router to "auto" select the WiFi connection protocol and then the speed is only as fast as the slowest device - in this case the VAM!? This slows the customers WiFi connection down to ridiculously slow speeds like 1-4 mbps and that is compared to speeds of 25+ mbps when the same router is set to the modern connection type of say wireless "N" ONLY. I am becoming fed up with Honeywell and the technical support from you. I was trying to put a band-aid on a problem myself and cannot even get the support for that. You have products your people are not capable of supporting and that I do not think anybody really thought through when releasing to the market. The reps get more and more rude by the day. The reps from the US and India are both so often rude, with the reps from India being even worst than their US counter parts. The communication difficulties with the Indian reps is ridiculous. Please fix your problems before I go to or become a modern American start-up that still has the hope of being a better security products manufacturer than what is being offered at honeywell.
Kevin, Please email us at for questions unrelated to the VAM. Zone 1 is a unique zone that requires an end-of-line resistor (EOLR) and therefore you can't change the programming to be normally closed (NC). The restriction is related to the fact that zone 1 can be used with 2-wire smoke detectors.
how do i unlock all programing for zone 1 honeywell ademco vista 20p so that i can change zone 1 from normaly closed to eol
Hi Kevin, I suggest you read through the installation guide for the 20P system at If you have further questions, please email so that we can keep the chat on this page relevant to the VAM.
and what 4 wire smoke detectors are compatable with the honeywell ademco vista 20p and how meny expanchion modules and relay modules can the ademco vista handle at 1 time
i think it might hav something to do wih a missing led
We don't know of any way to fix the siren in the keypad without just replacing the entire keypad.
i have a problem with 1 of my alarm keypads the problem keypad is an adt 5150 wired keypad the pezo buzzer is realy quiet when it should be realy loud so what should i do to fix the keypad with out replaceing the keypad
Yes, you don't have to buy from us.
can i buy eney total connect 9.12 prom chip because i dont want to pay $69 for a chip
You would need to upgrade your PROM ( ) if you wanted Total Connect 2.0 service.
my alarm rev s 2.3
my aarm system revishion is 2.3
The panel supports 4 AUI addresses (1, 2, 5 and 6) and 1 and 2 are on by default. Field *189 is the option to enable/disable each AUI. A 1 in each of the four slots of that field would enable each address. Any slots that have a 0 are disabled.
How meny aui keypads can the ademco vista 20p use and how do I enable them and how do i enable aui 5 and 6 on my alarm panel
You shouldn't need to program anything unless you have an ECP device in use on AUI address 1. Assuming you don't have any other touch screen keypads, address 1 should be enabled and available so you just have to hook up the VAM and assign it to the default ECP address of 1. If you want Total Connect, you'll have to sign up for one of our no-contract plans online at
how do i program the vam to work with my honeywell ademco vista 20p alarm system and how to i make a total connect account
The 7847i ( ) is an IP communicator that wires into a VISTA-20P and supports an Ethernet connection back to your router. With this unit, you can get alarm monitoring and/or Total Connect 2.0 services. Do you know what revision your 20P panel is? The revision is found on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board.
are there eney wired internet connection modules for honeywell ademco vista 20p
No, it's only compatible with Z-Wave thermostats. We're hoping that Honeywell will eventually merge the Total Connect Comfort HVAC app with the Total Connect 2.0 security app so that someone with Honeywell WIFI thermostats could use them with their Total Connect service but we don't have any expected date for when that will happen.
Is the VAM Home automation section compatible with any Honeywell WIFI thermostats such as RTH6580WF Wi-Fi or just the ZWave? When I bring up home automation without any ZWave devices installed, I get the message "No Zwave devices found" so I assume the answer is no. It's just that the Honeywell WIFI thermostats seems to better rated and accepted.than their Zwave thermostats.
I was talking about Z-Wave Sensors which are also available on the market. The VAM apparently does not support Z-Wave sensors like it does other Z-Wave devices.
Actually Bill, the VAM is a Z-Wave controller and the Z-Wave devices would communicate directly to the VAM (not through the security system).
The VAM communicates via WiFi to become a point on your home router and via Z-wave to actuate things like lights and thermostats. So although it is not a wireless keypad for a Honeywell alarm panel, you can use it to do all your alarm functions using VAM displays either on local devices (like PC's or smartphones ), or remotely over the Internet . You can not tie wireless sensors (even if they are Z-Wave) directly into the VAM unless you tie them in through a Honeywell Alarm Panel or receiver.
No, the VAM allows you to integrate wireless Z-Wave devices but if you want to user wireless Honeywell 5800 Series sensors, you'll need a wireless receiver - There are standalone receivers (the 5881 Series) or receivers built into keypads (the RF versions).
Does the VAM add wireless sensor capability to a system? My current keypads don't have the wireless receiver.
Honeywell is aware of the issue and working on a fix.
I have installed Version 6.2.9 and the VAM is still interpreting a motion sensor fault as an ALARM in ARMED STAY and ARMED NIGHT - I receive an email after every motion sensor fault in either of those arming states.
Thanks for the reply. Found the same discussion. Unfortunately the VAM differs from the touch pad significantly in the survalence menu. The VAM has no entry for user name and password for the camera, thus cameras secured with a name and password cannot be accessed by the VAM. A real oversight for a company selling security systems in my opinion. There are so many Web based apps for accessing almost any camera that could be licensed by Honeywell and included in the software that it doesn't make sense not to have an extensive compatible camera list. Hopefully they get this fixed with a firmware upgrade.
I found this online in a couple of places. I haven't tried it myself but I will when I get my VAM. Hopefully this will get your Foscam set up with the VAM. From FOSCAM Forum: In the default config a Honeywell Tuxedo touch panel will not connect to any late model Foscam Camera. Reason number one, the cameras listen for RTSP on the same port as the webserver, by default this is port 88, non standard and a little weird but this normally can be worked around on the client side, which leads to the next problem. Reason number two, the Tuxedo touch panel will only let you configure default ports or high ports for RTSP and HTTP, 80 and 554 respectively. I don't understand why Honeywell did it this way, but it is what it is. With that knowledge in hand, here is the trick to view your cameras on your panel. 1)Login to your Foscam Camera. 2) Go to Network->Ports 3) Change the HTTP port from 88 to 6500 4) Save the configuration, and test via web browser Now move over to your Tuxedo Touch panel 1)setup new camera 2)enter IP address of camera 3)change RTSP port from 554 to 6500 4)change the RTSP path to videoSub 5)enter username and password for your camera (note: don't use the @ sign, it totally messes with the auth packet) 6)change the HTTP port to 6500 Press the disk to save, click the back arrow and then touch the camera. You will be presented with a nice live stream from your cameras. Download and install instructions for VAM update 6.2.9. The upgrade doesn't help any of the functionality that the Tuxedo has and not the VAM!
The updated Firmware 6.2.9 does nothing to improve e-mail, camera set-up for cameras requiring UserID and PW. Who cares about Garage Door and Water Heater if the base functionality is lacking. Why are these set-up features available on the Touch and not the VAM?
I agree the VAM is a Stepchild, no where near Touch! The device also lacks functionality in the Home Automation area. All Scenes and triggers are dependent on a Security status. What about just a light setting on a simple timer, independent of Arm Status!
OK, Thanks for checking it out. Probably too loud a click for me.
In comparison the click on CT100 is more muted and lower than the ZTS-110.
let me check it out tonight and get back to you
Interesting.....the Remote ZTS-110 thermostat isn't even listed on the Honeywell compatibility chart. So are you saying it works fine - you can program it locally, and also override the programs via VAM scenes? How is it on loudness of the "click" when turning on the heat or a/c? I conclude that the CT100 is a bad match for VAM.
I second Bill, 10 scenes is not enough.
mine does not do that, definitely seem defective.
it works on the VAM, but only in a basic way, only able to set mode to cool/heat/off, set heat and cool temp. no fan reading or control, no RH reading. click sound is noticeable but not too loud. The thermostat on itself provides very good information. what I don't like :it does not have local scheduling so I need to rely on the VAM ' S scenes to control. It may not be a problem for other zwave controllers, but VAM can only create 10 scenes. I also bought Remotec ZTS-110 thermostat, I turn on its local scheduling, and only override it when needed via VAM manually or via scene. it works well for me.
I just successfully loaded the new VAM 6.2.9 software. All working fine. Does anyone know if Honeywell plans to expand the VAM from 10 to 30 scenes like they did for the Tuxedo?
I don't have a Z-Wave thermostat yet, but Honeywell's compatibility chart shows a + by the CT100 - says it's only compatible with Lynx Touch. Are you satisfied that other than the Fan/Auto and humidity, it works well with the VAM? Also, does it make a clicking noise when asking for heat or cool like the Honeywell thermostats? I would get a Honeywell, but the clicking noise is too loud during the night. Thanks.
got it. I had to power cycle my VAM then it added. I have to do that sometimes 2-3 times a week or it loses connection to all the zwave stuff. I still need to get a call scheduled with AlarmGrid and Honeywell which Alarmgrid suggested I do to troubleshoot. AlarmGrid's service is great!
1) it may be due to the distance. try take the ct100 closer and add. 2)try to exclude the device first. click remove device on the vam, repeat the same procedure on the ct100, until the vam said device removed. the word link should not e visible under the broach icon in the ct100.
I got a ct100 too and I can't seem to get my VAM to add it. I went to the menu -> mate, says r1, mate again (now flashing) and the 'preparing to add' on the vam never does anything. Did you do anything special or other than that? I already have a honeywell zwave thermostat hooked up for my downstairs.
I don't believe 10 is a valid entry for the first option of *189. Are you sure it's not set to 01, 01, 01, 01 instead f 10, 01, 01, 01?
when you double click the reset button, does all 3 lights blink in sequence? If not can you try a few more times. After they blink in sequence, hold the reset button for another 10 seconds. It should reboot. If this still don't work, then it is time to get a replacement.
double check the wires are connected to the v 20p and the VAM correctly. The VAM by default used aui address 1. Get into the programming interface in the v20p panel, and check if it is enabled.
do you have another touch screen attached to you V20?
Stoneman, Sterling responded to you. You should try reboot the device and start over. push a paper clip in the reboot hole.
Hello everyone, I recently installed CT100 thermostat into the VAM. Able to do basic things like, see temp, turn system mode to off, heat, cool, set both heat and cool temp points. What is missing is to set mode to Auto, turn Fan on/off, see relative humidity. These functions are all available in the thermostat. CT100 is in the compatibility chart of VAM. Is the missing function in VAM due to limitation of the device, zwave or VAM? Particularly the auto mode is valuable. Thanks
Have you tried resetting the VAM?
Bill, thank you for testing this. I hope Honeywell fix this.
Jerseyan: I have the same issue as you, tied to the motion sensor. If I set "Armed Stay", I get a new "Armed Stay" EMAIL every time I pass a motion sensor. I conclude that the VAM software must be interpreting any zone fault as an "ALARM". In the case of a motion sensor, the zone fault is not a true "ALARM" if set for "Armed Stay" or "Armed Night", but if the Alarm were set for "Armed AWAY", a motion sensor zone fault WOULD be a true "ALARM". My fix for this will therefore be to never use "Armed Stay" or "Armed Night" as triggers to send EMAILS.
Bill, congrats. I am glad you got both issues worked out. Seems like you have a motion sensor, when you have time, can you check if you have same multiple email issues when you set email notification on Armed Stay and walk around the motion sensor?
I'm glad I was able to help! Hopefully your information will benefit the next person having the same issue.
Finally, I got everything working, including Zone Triggers. The Instruction Sheet you sent tipped me off that I needed to set the second digit of field *91 in my 20P to "2". No other documentation I had seen before said anything about field *91, which is why NO ONE SHOULD BUY THIS TYPE OF EQUIPMENT FROM AMAZON! Thanks for your help.
What did you select as your action? Can you upload a screen shot of your scene setup?
I will only buy Honeywell equipment from AlarmGrid in the future....I wish I had known before buying the VAM from Amazon. Anyway, I checked the the "Primary RIS" box and it didn't help with my problem of having Zone Faults not trigger scenes. To be sure I'm looking for the right function, I have a zone on my 20P as a motion sensor. I select the scene trigger to be this zone, and the action to be to turn on a Z-wave light whether the alarm is armed or not. Is this correct?
Thanks for sharing what fixed your issue Bill. Hopefully that helps the next person that has that issue.
Well Honeywell actually does only sell to licensed alarm dealers. Unfortunately, policing who resells the equipment from there is a much harder task. We would urge you to only purchase Honeywell equipment from a reputable alarm company that would be able to support your products. As for the automation issue, try checking the Primary RIS box on the page at Setup > System as that should solve that issue as well.
Thanks for the link (I hadn't seen it) and the info on Firmware. It does not address the difficulty of an ISP blocking outgoing EMAILS, so it wouldn't have helped me get EMAILS working. Unaware of Honeywell's policy of support through their dealers, I made the mistake of buying the VAM through Amazon - Honeywell shouldn't allow this and should ONLY offer intrusion products through their dealers. I spoke with Kimberly Lawson/Jeff Rosenberg of Honeywell about this and I hope they will prevent this in the future so others don't fall into the support trap I fell into. Thanks for your help. Do you have any idea why I can't get automation scenes to trigger off of ZONE FAULTS? If I can get this working, I'll have everything I need.
Firmware V6.1.13 is the latest version so it makes sense that you can't upgrade to an older version. The new 6.2.9 version should be out any day now. As for the email setup, the installation guide's instructions are correct so I'm not sure if you have them or not, but they are accessible at - Also, have you asked your seller for support? Honeywell doesn't provide end user support but whoever sold you the VAM should be able to assist you.
Jerseyan: Inspired by you, I've gotten EMAILS to work. My problem was subtle - my ISP blocks me from using a server other than their own to send EMAILS. I had been trying to send EMAILS via GMAIL. I switched to sending EMAILS from my ISP account (configured the user SMTP to be my account at my ISP) and all is working. Thank you! Are you able to trigger automation scenes by zone faults? Any idea how to make that work?
While the VAM and Tuxedo Touch are very similar, there are some differences. Also, the Tuxedo just had a firmware release a few weeks back while the new VAM firmware is not yet out. We are expecting it any day and it should be posted online at once it's out. As for the cameras, not all are supported on the Tuxedo or the VAM. You have to use cameras supported by the devices for them to function properly. This list was recently updated (8/11/15) and is the most accurate list from Honeywell about which cameras work with the Tux/VAM -
I don't believe Foscams are supported on a VAM unfortunately.
The description of the VAM as the guts of the Tuxedo Touch is inaccurate. The Tuxedo touch camera setup screen is very different allowing for the entry of a camera user name and password. Honeywell needs to produce what they advertise. I challenge any Honeywell expert to get a camera secured with a password to work on the VAM.
Email works in my VAM, same version 6.1.13. Make sure you setup user smtp setting first.
I have the same issue, not able to add Foscam Camera.
I am trying to connect a Foscam F18910W to the VAM without success. There is no place on the camera setup screen to enter a user name and password for the camera as shown on the setup screen for the Tuxedo touch. The discovery option does not show the camera but does show a Seagate NAS and a local computer that was turned on.
Recently installed a VAM (without Total Connect), got it hooked up and working properly on both internal LAN and external Internet, but EMAIL doesn't work. It is running VAM V6.1.13. The software upgrade directions referred me to the Tuxedo Toolkit website - I tried to upgrade to the latest Tuxedo Software (Software Revision but my VAM didn't upgrade from VAM V6.1.13. Anyone have an idea on how to upgrade the software and get EMAIL working? I can't find anyplace where Honeywell documents any of this so I can get it working without help, nor can I find a Honeywell help number for live support.
Honeywell said firmware revision 6.2.9 should be released this week and suggests you update to that once it is released and then report back if the problem lingers. They haven't had any reports of this particular issue.
We received it and have passed along your information to Honeywell. We'll be in touch with an update as soon as we hear from them.
sent, please look for it. I put your name in the subject.
Honeywell said they haven't heard of this issue. Can you email with the firmware you are running and screen shots of your email notification setup?
Yes, I have, but same issue. Some knowledgeable person told me this is a bug. when in armed stay mode, the motion sensor triggers the VAM to send email. A new firmware due soon may fix this but not confirmed.
Have you tried disabling the alert and then setting it back up again?
it continues to send the same "armed stay" alert, until the next morning, until I disaemed, thn it sends 1 disarrmed alert. very strange.
I'm glad to hear we got you back on track. Let us know what the fix is once you have it figured out so that it could help the next guy with the same issue.
Thanks for following up on this. After several hours of tinkering I finally removed all port forwards in place and started from scratch. The VAM requires port 80 and port 443 forwarded. It began working after those were the only forwards in place. As I mentioned, I have many devices running behind my router each with their own forwards and apparently one or more of these was interfering (even though the ports were different). I'm now adding them back one at a time to determine the original conflict. In any event, I would not have continued to chase the problem if not for your insistence that it was working for others so I thank you -
Great thanks... I'll order one today.
There were versions that didn't allow it but any new unit should allow it and the device is firmware updateable if you happen to get an old version somehow.
Is this new? Do I need to specify a certain VAM version to make sure I get notifications for Alarm Events?
Yes, Honeywell allows email notifications for alarm events using a VAM and the proper email server setup.
I see from Jerseyan's comments that he is trying to get email notifications from the VAM for "Armed", "Disarmed" and "Alarm". I had avoided purchasing a VAM for over a year now because it lacked the ability to send "Alarm" notifications without a subscription to Total Connect. Because of this, I was about to give up on Honeywell for Z-Wave, and go with a MicasaVerde controller and a NuTech AD2USB 20P interface module (which will do the job but with added, clumsy complexity). Has Honeywell decided to make "Alarm" notifications possible on the VAM without a Total Connect Subscription? If so, I'll order a VAM. Thanks
Honeywell confirmed nothing has changed for VAM access so you should double check all your network settings as there shouldn't be any reason the hardware is preventing you from having access.
Yes, we actually heard back from Honeywell this morning saying that nothing has changed in terms of restricting remote access to the VAM. Glad to hear it was just a network setting issue and not a bigger VAM hardware issue.
Does it continue to send the same alert ever 10-40 minutes forever or only a particular amount of times until it stops?
Thanks. I'm running all sorts of devices here. Home control, cameras, a VNC connection to a PC. All of these port forwards work fine so I doubt it's the cable modem, but thanks for looking into it.
Hello, I have the VAM installed to my 20p. All seems to be working except one strange issue, i setup email notification on security. I check all types, armed, disarmed, alarm. On each disarmed, it sends me 1 email as expected. However, for each armed trigger, it sends me email multiple email, every 10 to 40 or so mins. What could be the issue? Thanks
Got it working. I had to turn on the DMZ in my router and list the VAM IP address. Also the install instructions say to create an icon linking to the VAM IP. Wrong, the external link needs to go to your routers active IP address. I hope that helps Mur.
Hey Mur. I'm just now reading about possible port blocking due to a modem and router configuration. Both modem and router must allow port forwarding. I'll check this out when I get home. Food for thought.
Thank you! If they fix it with firmware I'll be awfully happy, but since the Tux was working both before (and presumably after) the firmware upgrade it seems that's an unlikely fix. Thanks for any updates you might provide.
I know the Tuxedo had a recent important firmware update that isn't yet out for the VAM. Perhaps they've restricted outside access until this update is available for the VAM. If you email, we can let you know once the firmware update is available. We also have reached out to Honeywell asking if anything has changed and will report back here once we hear from them.
I did not ever have access here - this is new install. I do however have outside access working in another house using the Tuxedo and port 6280. It was no problem at all to set up and works fine using 6280 forwarded without 443, 80, or anything else. That's on an Asus router. This one is also on an Asus router, but does not work. I was under the impression that the VAM and the Tuxedos were essentially the same under the hood with the exception of more cameras allowed and no touchscreen on the VAM. I apparently should have just ordered another Tux...
Did you ever have the outside access working Mur? We haven't heard of Honeywell restricting that access but it's certainly possible they made an update over the weekend that we aren't aware of yet.
Hey Shawn, I'm having the same problem here. I've been fighting with it for about 4 hours now. I have tried about everything I can think of to get through. I have 443 open, 6280 open, and 80 open. All is well on the internal network, but outside access isn't happening. I'm thinking that Honeywell may have disabled access from anything without a private ip address to force folks into signing up for total connect. I truly hope this is not the case as I swapped out a Vista 50 just to get this functionality (about 8 hours of work). If anyone has a secret solution I'd be most appreciative.
I apologize Shawn but we don't offer support on the remote access to the VAM aside from just saying you may need to work with an IT guy to setup the proper port forwarding on your network to access the VAM's web server remotely.
Having trouble setting up the remote access via internet. The VAM is connected to a 20P and the local LAN interface works well from my PC or iPhone. Port 443 is open, I have an active user account in the VAM but I can't see or connect from outside the home network. Any ideas?
Happy to help.
Thank you for the info
Yes, a full panel replacement. You'd need to swap the wires over and program the VISTA-128BPT to match the wiring.
Which means swapping out the whole thing and rewiring everything ? This was built into the house 14 years ago
No, the VISTA-50P doesn't support any AUI devices and the VAM is an AUI device. If you upgraded to a VISTA-128BPT ( ), you could use a VAM.
Can a VAM be used with a 50P ?? I am concerned it seems to be a No
Yes, if you have proper port forwarding setup, you can access the VAM outside of the network as well.
One final question, if I set up my network and VAM with port forwarding would this allow for remote access from outside the network. I have an extensive networking background, As long as I know which ports to setup for the forward and have a dns forwarder in place this should be possible, correct?
With the VAM connected to your home's WIFI network, you'll be able to access the panel via a virtual keypad from any device that's on the same network. No GSM would be required.
only standard keypads on the system, no touchpads. and I believe that my system is firmware rev 5. so this should work correct. I just want to use the in-house router/internet, would a gsm be required also?
You just need to have an open AUI ECP address and your 20P needs to be version 3.0 or higher. The available AUI addresses are 1, 2, 5 and 6 and touch screen keypads would typically be the devices that would be using those addresses.
What are the hardware requirements to add a VAM to my Vista 20P system. I'd like to be able to remote access the alarm functions and arm and disarm from my phone.
The FA168CPS is compatible with the VAM.
I have an fa168cps (from first alert) which, from what i read, seems to be Vista 20p compatible. Is being compatible enough, or do i need an actual Vista board for the VAM to work?
You would just need to run a Sync Panel Data command from the Locations module.
Ok, If I ever add more security sensors to my system will they automatically show up in the app?
If you added a 7847i to your panel, you could sign up for Total Connect to be able to arm/disarm your system remotely and receive text and email alerts from the system. If you wanted Z-Wave capabilities, the VAM woudl provide that as well. Once you have the VAM, you would have the option to add the Z-Wave remote control through your Total Connect service as well. You can sign up for our Self Monitoring plan at and that provides you with TC2 access without having any central station service involved. If you wanted the remote automation option as well, you'd need to check off the Remote Home Automation feature at the bottom of the Self Monitoring plan as well.
Hi, I have a Safewatch Pro 3000 panel that is Pulse Approved. If I want to have my system monitored locally just through Total Connect 2, would I need to purchase the honeywell 7847i? Also if i wanted to automate my system then would I need to purchase the honeywell VAM? And do you have to have total connect to be able to see zwave devices or does the VAM use a seperate website ?
From what we've seen Honeywell is not sure if the email alert functionality will be a feature that stays or not. Some VAMs offer it and I believe the current versions do not. They have gone back and forth on this a bit which is why the information online may be confusing/conflicting.
Thanks Julia: Unless a 20P user is subscribed to Total Connect, the lack of ability to notify upon alarm, renders the VAM only marginally more useful than any other Z-Wave Controller. I won't be buying one.
Bill, to my knowledge, you can port forward and control your 20P via the VAM remotely, but there is no notification feature for this device, so you wouldn't be able to get text or email alerts upon alarm, and I don't know of any plans to make that possible.
That is possible. For text, you will have to use email to SMS capability of your cell provider
Last time I checked, the VAM could not be used to monitor a Vista 20P without subscribing to Total Connect. My goal is to be able to arm and disarm the 20P over WIFI, and to receive text or EMAIL alerts when the 20P goes into alarm mode. I am not willing to pay the monthly fee for a monitoring service. Is this possible yet?
I'm glad to hear you were able to get it working. This is good information for the next person using that camera with a Tuxedo keypad.
Just added VAM to my Vista 20p. Having an issue with camera setup. I see that "username" and "password" fields are missing in the camera setup screen. Does this mean that one cannot add a password protected camera to this device? Which would rule out almost every ip camera there is. Edit: Nevermind, I was able to add my FOSCAM FI8918W cameras by adding "snapshot.cgi" in the mobile streaming path It prompts for the password when you navigate to multimedia. Which is a more secure solution if you ask me. PAN Controls do not work, but the streaming does
From the ECP address page of the VAM programming, you need to check off the box that says Primary RIS Device for those scenes to work properly. If you ever get Total Connect service, you will need to uncheck that box.
I believe that is a WIFI thermostat. The VAM only works with Z-Wave devices.
I have a VAm connected to vista 20p 10.23 version prom, It recognizes the z wave light switches but when i use the scenes and trigger to turn on the light by opening a door it does not work. I can manually turn on the lights from the program but triggering the device otherwise it does not. any ideas?
Can the VAM link the Honeywell 9000 talking series thermostat. when i click on devices it does not appear on the VAM as a Zwave device at all
The VAM does not have an Ethernet port so it would have to be connected WIFI only. Both the VAM and the Tux support 10 scenes each. As for the video recording, I'm not exactly sure. I know the VAM supports the SD card so I would assume they both can do the recording if it's the latest firmware.
Does the VAM offer an ethernet port like the Tuxedo Touch Wifi does? What are the other differences that between the VAM and the Tuxedo Touch? I've read that the VAM does not have the SD card for video recording and doesn't support as many scenes as the Tuxedo does.
Ryan, you bring up a good point about the VAM and the Tuxedo. Neither device works with Z-Wave "security" devices/sensors. The VAM/Tuxedo can control Z-Wave devices (locks, lights, thermostats, etc) but they don't accept inputs from any Z-Wave device that is considered a "security device/sensor".
I have a VAM and I can send alerts on my revision. If you buy it you may or may not be able to. However like Sterling said it seems they may take this feature away in the future. The total connect service is the only way to get solid alerts long term until honeywell gets their wheelhouse in order. I went to their website where the updates are supposed to be and only an older version without it is available for download right now. One thing I learned about the unit after I bought it that I don't like is unlike smartthings or vera home, it cannot work with any z-wave security or security type of device (smoke detector, motion sensor, etc) which to me make it seem like a neutered or toy product to honeywell (there may be a reason for this). It has so much potential the way it merges the traditional alarm and z-wave abilities (It breathed new life into an old vista alarm I was about to rip out for a zwave system before I learned of the VAM). A saving grace is that it seems it can make it self primary or secondary to a smartthings or vera, so maybe that combo works better (but they said no total connect for scenes when you do that). However now you're in for 2 smart hubs instead of 1. Overall I still like it though since nothing quite like it exists anywhere.
It does make sense but it is not part of the functionality of the supported Z-wave devices. The VAM only supports automation devices such as lights, locks and thermostats, not security devices. We offer the Total Connect 2.0 service which will do everything you are looking for. We offer the service no contract for $10/month if you add the 7847i internet communicator:
So a question regarding a possible alert: The 20P provides a contact closure on alarm. Is it possible to hardwire that contact closure to a z-wave device, monitored by the VAM? Then if the VAM were capable of triggering an email on a z-wave contact closure, I could send myself an email on alarm. Does this make sense?
As Sterling mentioned below, Honeywell has not given us a solid answer on wether the VAM will allow email alerts. The VAM is a Z-wave controller so I doubt that it will ever be capable of issuing text/email alerts for security conditions. If anything it will allow you to setup alerts for automation device conditions. I hope this helps and apologize if it is not the answer you were looking for.
Is it possible for the VAM to trigger an Email or Text Message based on the Vista 20P seeing an Alarm Condition? On Youtube, I've only seen Security Events to include AWAY, STAY and DISARM. These are not useful. I want this capability instead of using Total Connect Service. Without this capability the VAM has no value to an independent user over any other Home Automation System.
Yes, as long as you have an internet communicator and have a panel that's compatible with Total Connect 2.0, we can offer you the $10/month Self Monitoring service.
Ok good point thanks. In case I want to go for the self monitoring service in the future, does Alarmgrid offer the $10/mo for Total Connect 2.0 access to Canadians? $10USD?
A VAM that has the email feature would certainly do that for you. You may want to wait a bit to see if Honeywell decides to keep the feature or not. You could also try ordering one. If it doesn't have the feature, we can always do a return.
No I don't have one. I wanted to only get the VAM mainly for the email notifications without having to pay for Total Connect services since I really only want the notifications and not the remote control access. I have looked at other options (Evisalink3), however, the VAM has a nice interface for controlling the security at home, for example when not near a keypad. Also it has the future support if I want to add Z-Wave devices. I emailed Honeywell support and they stated that : Conditions that can trigger notification are: Security - Disarm, Arm Away, Arm Stay Zones - Alarms, Troubles, Restores Thermostat - Temp Above or Temp Below an assigned temperature Door Lock - Unlocked or Locked Although that's vague, I really just want to be notified if the alarm is tripped when I am not at home... I have a Vista 15P so the VAM seems like a good fit, any other suggestions? thanks
Do you already have a VAM? Honeywell seems unsure of whether or not they want to even continue to support the email feature. I believe the new VAMs don't even have the email feature currently. Until they make a solid decision on the email feature, I'm not sure that I'll have specific answers for you.
What type of email notifications can be setup with this module? Is says system event notifications can be sent to 4 email addresses, would this include alarms, zone activity, AC loss etc?
There is a built-in web server that you can access if you setup the port forwarding properly. We don't support setting that up though so you'd have to talk to someone IT savvy enough to configure your network for that type of remote access if you don't want to use Total Connect.
Hi Group....I need some help with this item. Do I need to be subscribed to VISTA Honeywell Total Connect to be able to use the internet to monitor the Z Wave and controlled it.
I'm not exactly sure what would cause that error. However, how many touch screen keypads do you have connected? What is your control panel model number?
VAM keeps giving error message "Max number of connections... try again later." Have reset the device six ways to Sunday. Right now is a (not so) nice wall ornament.
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