MyWebTech Technical Notification #90 - 5800MINI Tamper Issue - Dated 05/02/23

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Document Transcript

Technical Notification #90

Technical Updates Directly
Technical Notification #090


Tamper Switch Issue


5800MINI 1- Zone Door/Window Transmitter

May 2, 2023

Dear Valued Customers:

The recent discovery of a manufacturing issue with
the 5800MINI tamper switch has caused Resideo
to place the 5800MINI on sales hold. We believe thi
s issue was isolated to only a few dates codes
and a relatively small number of units. Placing th
e product on sales hold will ensure the exposure an
problems are limited. It should be noted that the b
rown 5800MINIBR is not affected by this issue.

Affected Products:
5800MINI (Only - 5800MINIBR is NOT affected)

How do I know if a unit is affected?
You can look at the date code located on the outsid
e of the carton or at the position of the tamper
switch on the PCB inside the plastic housing. (see
Date Codes Below)

Date Codes/Dates of Products Affected:
Date Codes = 2307 through 2316

Dates = February 13th – April 17th

Tamper Switch Position:
An affected unit will have the Tamper Switch orient
ed outwards and away from the IC chip towards
the plastic. (As shown in the picture below)
A good unit would have the tamper switch oriented i
nwards and towards the IC chip.

What will the dealer see if there is a problem?
Upon installation you will receive a tamper trouble
on that device. The Installer should see this befo
he leaves the site and it is not something that wil
l appear later

What to do if you already purchased or tried to ins
tall a 5800MINI with an affected date code:
Please return to your local ADI for credit and or r
Technical Notification #090


How long will sales hold last?
We already identified the problem and are working a
round the clock to build new product and ship to
our distributors.
More information about good product availability wi
ll be communicated shortly.

Recommended Alternative Products:
Until the sale hold is removed Resideo recommends i
nstalling the 5815
Door/Window Transmitter.

Pricing Plan:
Resideo plans to offer the 5815 at the same price a
s the 5800MINI to minimize the inconvenience to
our dealers.
Please contact your local Resideo or ADI sales Rep
for more information on exactly how to obtain the
special pricing.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience placi
ng this product may have caused during this
sales hold but installing the 5815 provides an imme
diate interim solution while Resideo works around
the clock to ensure that 5800MINI product is back o
n the shelves as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of Resideo pro
ducts. If you have any questions or require
further assistance, please contact your district ma
nagers or Resideo Technical support at 800-222-

Rob Marabella
Sr Portfolio Manager & Sr Product Manager
Resideo Technologies, Inc.