Honeywell 5800MINIPK5

5 Slim Door/Window Contacts

Honeywell 5800minipk10 ten slim door slash window contacts

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The 5800MINIPK5 is a custom kit put together by Alarm Grid to offer a bulk savings for door and window sensors for your home or business....
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The 5800MINIPK5 is a custom kit put together by Alarm Grid to offer a bulk savings for door and window sensors for your home or business. The cost of the 5800MINI individually quickly adds up when building a new system that requires more than a few sensors. This 5-pack kit allows alarm owners to properly protect all doors and windows in a more affordable way. Rather than sacrifice aesthetics and go with a larger or less attractive sensor this kit bundles the cost of 5 of the best looking sensors Honeywell has to offer!

The 5800MINI is Honeywell's most popular wireless door/window sensor on the market. In 2016, the slimmest contact of the time (the 5811) was replaced by the 5800MINI as the new standard for surface mount door and window protection. Around the same time Honeywell released the SiX series encrypted sensors which only work with the Lyric Controller and Gateway. Although the 5800 series line of sensors do not offer AES encryption they do work extremely well with a wide range of Honeywell alarm systems: Lynx Touch series, Lyric series, 2GIG Go!Control panels (GC2 and GC3), and any alarm system with a compatible Honeywell 5800 series RF receiver such as the VISTA-21iP. The ease of install with a sensor like this makes setting up your own alarm system a breeze. Simply peel and stick the adhesive tape or screw it in. The 200 foot maximum wireless range makes the 5800MINI extremely versatile.

The 5800MINI is the first Honeywell wireless sensor to be equipped with status LEDs. There are three colors: Blue, Green and Red. The red LED is activated after any RF transmission to the panel for two minutes and will blink once every five seconds for low battery conditions. The low battery condition is triggered when the battery drops from 3V to 2.3V. The green and blue LEDs are only active during the first fifteen minutes after inserting the battery or when the tamper cover is off. The blue LED determines proper magnet spacing. If the internal reed switch can "see" the magnet the LED will illuminate. The green LED is triggered up on each wireless transmission to the alarm system.


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