Honeywell 5800MINI

Wireless Door & Window Sensor

Honeywell 5800mini interior wireless door and window sensor
  • Honeywell 5800mini interior wireless door and window sensor
  • Honeywell 5800mini wireless door and window sensor

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The Honeywell 5800MINI is a compact door and window contact that works great for almost any installation. It is part of the versatile Honeywell 5800 Series, making it compatible with nearly any Honeywell or 2GIG Security System. Monitor your doors and windows with the Honeywell 5800MINI.


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The Honeywell 5800MINI is a single zone, slim wireless door or window contact that will replace the popular 5811. This is the newest release of the 5800 series line of sensors. It is also the first contact manufactured by Honeywell to be equipped with a status LED! The rounded edges give the sensor a more aesthetically pleasing look and allow it to blend into the door or window a bit better. The 5800MINI also uses a 3V lithium coin cell battery (i.e. Panasonic CR2032) and is designed to last three to five years on a single battery. The maximum range back to the panel is 200 nominal feet. This means in open air it is capable of traveling 200 feet back to a compatible 5800 series RF receiver. Both battery life and wireless range are much improved on this sensor in comparison to the 5811. It also tamper proof and supervised like all other 5800 series contacts.

Recognized as one of the smallest contacts on the market, the 5800MINI measures in at 2.2"L x 1"W x 0.25"D. This is smaller than its predecessor, the Honeywell 5811, which measured 2-1/8"H x 1-3/16"W x 1/4"D. Honeywell made this change thanks to valuable installer and customer feedback. Dropping the width by 3/16 of an inch may not seem like a, lot but what this does is allow installers to mount these sensors on double hung windows that may have a smaller space to work with. It may not matter as much when installing the contact on a door, but window protection can be very tricky with surface mount contacts. Often times it is the matter of an 1/8 or 1/4 inch that prevents the use of a specific sensor.

When programming the 5800MINI you can auto-enroll by placing the panel into learning mode and tripping the sensor or you can manually map in the unique seven digit serial number. When you auto-enroll it should automatically select loop 1 as the proper loop. If you learn it in by popping the tamper cover and not faulting the sensor it will select loop 4. You always want this product on loop1! There are no internal screws for a wired loop like that of a 5816 sensor. Just an internal reed switch that interacts with a local magnet. The magnet is included and there is an increased maximum magnet spacing gap of 1 inch. The 5811 only supports up to .75 inches. This can leave you more flexible with older doors or windows that in the closed position may have a slight opening.

The newly featured LED has three colors: Blue, Green and Red. The blue and green LEDs are active for the first 15 minutes after the battery is installed or the tamper cover is removed. The blue LED illuminates when the magnet is within the 1 inch specification. Basically this is confirming proper installation of the magnet in relation to the reed switch. The green will flash each and every time the 5800MINI transmits a signal. The red LED is active for 2 minutes after any transmission (a fault or trouble signal from the sensor). The red light will flash once every five seconds when there is a low battery. When the 3V battery reaches 2.3V that will initiate a low battery alert to the panel on the next transmission. At 2V the sensor will be completely dead.


Yes correct
I’m a little bit confused since I only saw a MCU with MAX7044 transmitter on the PCB after opening the cover. So, that means the 5800MINI still can receive the signal from the panel, correct?
After you learn the sensor into the panel make sure to enable supervision. If this is enabled the panel will periodically check in with the sensor to make sure it is still in range and to check battery life. If it is not within range during the check-in the panel will notify you with a trouble signal.
Hi, Does the 5800MINI include receiver function? I am curious how does the panel know that it has already out of range. Thanks.
You can contact Honeywell and they may be able to offer you a warranty replacement if it is with the proper dates,
Turns out my units do NOT have the green dots. A checked a few that are working and they don't either, so maybe I got lucky with those. Do you know if Honeywell will offer replacements for these if my seller won't? I do have an existing Vista20p system. Works great aside from these bad sensors. I have definitely considered (and am still) one of your plans; i've just never had the system fully functional such that I trusted it enough to connect to a monitoring co. Thanks again Jorge!
Uhoh is right. You may need to return them and get news ones sent to you. Do you have an existing Honeywell system? If so you may be interested in our non contract monitoring plans ( ).
I will check that out when I get home, thank you! I bought new them from Ebay (uh oh...).
Hi Matthew, where did you order the 5800MINIs from? There was a known battery issue reported by Honeywell on 5800MINIs with a date code between Z214 to Z365. If you open up the sensors and don't see these dots on the serial bar sticker it could be that you were sent one of the reported bad sensors (picture below):
I'm having a battery life issues with 4 of my 5800 mini sensors; I'm hoping someone can help me. I have about 15 of these total and all of them but 4 work perfectly. I've replaced the batteries numerous times, and have ensured I bought good quality batteries. These 4 are the furthest from my keypad receiver (6162RF) so I thought maybe they're out of range? I installed a 5800RP directly below in the floor below (installed in the garage, these mini's are in the bedrooms above the garage), replaced the batteries, and still 7 days later they're reporting low battery, and 2 days later they're dead. Can anyone please help? I'm losing my mind with these things!
Thank you very much.
Raul, yes, they are. Just about any of the 5800 series wireless devices are compatible with that panel.
Hello, are these compatible with a Lynx Touch L5200 system?
No this is only a normally closed device that operates solely on loop 1. I recommend using the 7939-2: with a 5816: The 7939 is a wired contact and the 5816 is a wireless transmitter when programmed to loop 1 will transmit the wired terminal inputs (connected to the 7939) back to a wireless receiver.
Can this be used in a normally open - (Loop 2?) configuration?
Yes the 5800MINI is compatible with the 6160RF receiver. Happy to hear that you are finding our site useful!
Hi, Love this site. A lot of useful info. I am planning on adding some sensors to my Vista 20 system with a 6160RF keypad and had a question. Will the 5800MINI sensors be compatible with my setup? Thanks.
Definitely going to be adding a few of these. Thanks for the write up!
Yes, the 943WG-M ( ) is a standalone magnet you could use to provide two places that will keep the sensor/zone "happy".
Is there a way to purchase just additional magnets for this sensor to create a two stage window setting, (closed window and partially opened window, but still be armed while partially opened)?
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