ADC-V622-WELL Product Manuals

Enrolling a Camera or Other Video Device to an Customer Account
This document offers instructions for an user to enroll a camera or other video device. The guide includes a pre-enrollment checklist, steps for AP Mode, WPS Mode and Ethernet Mode, and the process to follow within the website or mobile app. Learn to pair a camera with
Added: Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) - Quick Start Guide
The Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) Quick Start Guide helps you get started using the ADC-V622-WELL. The helpful quick start guide covers package contents, pre-installation, setting up the camera, configuring Video Analytics, and more. Learn how to get started with the Wellcam.
Added: Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) - Data Sheet
The Wellcam Data Sheet provides a general overview of the Wellcam. This data sheet lists helpful info, such as the included accessories, features, device specifications, power and network requirements, a status LED guide, and more. Learn about the ADC-V622 Wellness Cam.
Added: Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) Overview
The Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) Overview is a general description of the ADC-V622-WELL and its features. This overview covers the device features, which include Check In, Call Out, Zoom In, View Highlights, Play Audio, and Get Proactive. Learn about the ADC-V622-WELL Wellness Camera.