DSC PG9303 Product Manuals

Technical Advisory Bulletin - PG9303 Failure to Indicate Fault Dated May 2019
The Technical Advisory Bulletin PG9303 Failure to Indicate Fault outlines a problem that occurred with DSC PG9303 Door and Window Contact Sensors shipped before May 15, 2019. The issue resulted in the sensor having a 20 second delay in reporting to the panel if the magnet is pulled away from the internal reed switch along the long edge of the sensor. The issue has since been fixed on later units. The technical advisory is dated from May 2019. Learn about this issue that once affected the PG9303.

DSC PowerG - Technical Data Sheet
The DSC PowerG Technical Data Sheet provides information and specifications regarding PowerG Sensors. This document explains PowerG Technology, the process for enrolling PowerG Sensors with an IQ Panel 2 Plus, Testing PowerG Sensors and which PowerG Sensors are supported. Learn about PowerG devices.

DSC PG9303 - Install Guide
The DSC PG9303 Install Guide teaches users how to mount and program the DSC PG9303 Vanishing Wireless Door and Window Contact. The guide explains installing the sensor by drilling holes into the wall. The sensor and magnet can also be mounted using double-sided foam tape. Learn about the DSC PG9303.