Honeywell 3GL Product Manuals

Resideo AT&T 3G Sunset Notice
The Resideo AT&T 3G Sunset Notice discusses the 3G sunset and how it will no longer be possible to active a 3G or 4G communicator for use with Resideo's AlarmNet service and Total Connect 2.0. After June 26th, 2019, only LTE cellular communicators can be activated. Learn about the Resideo 3G Sunset.

Honeywell Cellular Antennas - Data Sheet 2018
The Honeywell Cellular Antenna Data Sheet for 2018 covers the technical specifications for the Honeywell Cellular Antennas that are available as of the end of 2018. These products include the CELL-ANTHB, the CELL-ANTSMA, the CELL-ANTU and the CELL-ANT3DB. Learn about the Honeywell Cellular Antennas.