Resideo Lyric Firmware MR9 - Release Notes

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Technical Notification #40
Technical Updates Directly

Technical Notification #40



New Lyric Controller Software Release for the U.S.
(Software Revision 1.09)

Lyric Controller LCP500-L

June 2019

Dear Valued Resideo Customer:

Resideo is pleased to release a new software update
to our Lyric Controller to support the future rele
ase of the
LYRICLTE-V (Verizon) Cellular Communicator. This so
ftware revision will also carry over the support fo
r the
previously released LYRICLTE-A (AT&T) Cellular Comm

The LTE benefits include:
The LTE benefits include:The LTE benefits include:
The LTE benefits include:

1. Maximize Account Longevity – LTE cellular netwo
rk offers the longest lifespan among all cellular
technologies limiting costly site service calls to
upgrade the cellular communication path.
2. End to End Reliable Solution – When LTE is used
in conjunction with Resideo’s LYRIC system, it pro
maximum reliability in security protection & monito
ring in the industry.

Products Updated & Corresponding Software Revision.
Products Updated & Corresponding Software Revision.Products Updated & Corresponding Software Revision.
Products Updated & Corresponding Software Revision.

SKU’s affected
SKU’s affected SKU’s affected
SKU’s affected

Software R
Software RSoftware R
Software Rev.


Remote Upgrades: You can now upgrade your panel wit
h this latest firmware maintenance release using th
AlarmNet 360™

Programming Tool.

Product Availability at ADI: Production units will
be updated with the new software revision and filte
r through ADI
within the next few weeks. To ensure the product on
the shelf has the latest software revision you can
look at
the white label on the outside of the box for the s
oftware revision. Please ensure the first 4 digits
are 01.09 or
higher. A picture of the label is included for refe
rence below.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooper
ation and continued support of Resideo products. If
have any questions or require further assistance, p
lease contact your local Sales District Manager or
Service/Technical Support at 1-800-645-7492


Robert Marabella
Sr. Product Manager

The Honeywell Home Trademark is used under license
from Honeywell International Inc.