Technical Notification #59 - Lyric Low Battery and/or System Reset - Dated 03/21

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Document Transcript

Technical Notification #59

Technical Updates Directly

Technical Notification #59


Lyric Low Battery and/or System Reset

Lyric Controller LCP-500

March 5, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

Resideo Technical support has identified an issue i
n the field related to a low system battery conditi
on the Lyric Controller (LCP-500). This condition m
ay have the effect to cause the panel to reset if t
battery is not replaced. Low battery conditions ar
e reported locally and will typically be reported t
o the
monitoring company (if enabled) before the battery
reaches the state that causes the panel to reset.
Resideo would like to remind customers that the pro
duct installation instructions suggest that the Lyr
system battery should be replaced at least every 4
years (following the date code found on the battery
An investigation determined:

The panel reset is typically the result of the batt
ery reaching the end of its normal life or

The system battery reaches end of life prematurely
due to insufficient +DC power input, resulting
from improper installation.
Based on data collected from numerous installations
; Resideo's engineering and technical support teams

have made the following recommendations for scenari
os where the Lyric control panel is reporting
system low battery (E302) and/or system resets (E33
9) or is exhibiting these conditions locally:

Ensure your customer system maintenance program inc
ludes replacement of the system battery
as prescribed – the battery is considered end of li
fe 4 years from the date code.

If the system battery prematurely reaches end of li
fe, the system installation should be further
evaluated to ensure the transformer wiring is withi
n the manufacturer specifications below AND
the panel is being sufficiently powered (
BOTH are necessary
Transformer wire is #22 Gauge –
up to 8 feet

Transformer wire is #20 Gauge –
up to 13 feet

Transformer wire is #18 Gauge –
up to 20 feet

Verify input power to the panel is
9.15 VDC Minimum
with battery connected
Please note:
Installations that use a practice of doubling the
wire conductors (such as 22-4 twisted
together to make 22-2), in order to increase the ov
erall length of the wire run, has a number of
dependences. This is not a recommended practice to
effectively increase wire run length. The practice
may have the effect of reducing the equivalent AWG
by a factor of 3 (such as 22 AWG being doubled =
19 AWG equivalent) but is also subject to variables
that may have the opposite effect. We therefore
recommend using 2 conductor low voltage wiring at t
he specified gauge for the best results.
Thank you in advance for your continued support of
Resideo products. If you have any questions or
require further assistance, please contact your loc
al Sales District Manager or Customer
Service/Technical Support at 1-800-645-7492.

Robert Marabella

Sr Portfolio Manager – Security
Resideo Technologies, Inc.