Telguard HomeControl Flex DSC NEO - Install Guide Addendum

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Document Transcript

NEO Keyswitch AWAY Arming / CPO-1
In the NEO panels that are CPO-1 compliant, the Key
switch Arming feature does not
allow the system to be armed in the AWAY mode with
out the open/close status change
of a Delay 01 zone type. Section [022] Option 8 do
es not pertain to the CPO-1 panels.
*** In order to arm the system in the AWAY mode usi
ng the Keyswitch Arm feature
a Delay 01 zone type must be tripped once the syste
m begins to arm.
Zone 2 is programmed as a Momentary Keyswitch Arm (
The Keyswitch zone must be triggered for at least 5
PGM2 is programmed as a Zone Follower (200) and ass
igned to follow Zone 2.
Zone 1 is a fictitious zone - used only to trigger
the AWAY arming mode when the
Keyswitch zone is triggered.
Zone 1 is programmed as a Delay 1 (001) and must ha
ve Force Arming enabled.
NEO HS2016 / HS2032 / HS2064 / HSPC2128 (CPO-1 onl
Zone 2
- Momentary Keyswitch Arm (066)
Zone 1
- Delay 1 (001)
NEO HS2016 / HS2032 / HS2064 / HSPC2128 CPO-1
1 of 2 NEO Keyswitch AWAY Arming / CPO-1
Zone 1 is strapped off with a 5.6k resistor.
Zone 2 is secured with a 5.6k resistor.
PGM2 is strapped to the Zone 1 terminal with a shor
ting wire.
The Keyswitch mechanism is wired as follows:
If N/O - parallel the connections across the resist
or on Zone 2 and COM
If N/C - series the connections with the resistor o
n Zone 2 and COM
Panel Programming:
Program Zone 1 as a Delay 1 (001)
Program Zone 2 as a Momentary Keyswitch Arm (066)
5 ON
Toggle on Attribute 5 for Zone 1 - Force Arm ENABLE
Program PGM2 as a Zone Follower (200)
Program PGM2 to follow Zone 2
*** Assign Zone 1, Zone 2 and PGM2 to the same/desi
red partition as needed.
When the Keyswitch zone is triggered to arm the par
tition, the PGM programmed
as Zone Follower activates and provides a short to
COM on Zone 1, thus causing
Zone 1 to momentarily open and close. Resulting i
n the partition arming in the
AWAY mode.
This is a design build for a particular application
. DSC and/or Daniel Johnson do
not take responsibility for the reliability, opera
tion, functionality or liability of using
the documented procedure. The installer is respon
sible for testing, verifying and
maintaining the operation.
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