2GIG GC3 Firmware Updates

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screen

2GIG regularly releases firmware updates for the GC3 product. These updates ensure that the panel remains current, updated, and relevant for years to come. On this page, you will find a list of all firmware updates for the GC3. The current one will be prominently displayed at the top here, to the right. Select the "Download" button, and you will be on your way.

Current Firmware: V3.1.2.5996

Release Notes

The following features are supported with GC3 3.1.2 firmware release:
  • Spanish Language and localization improvements
  • Repeater support (RPTR-1)
  • WiFi improvements including connectivity fixes with touchscreens SP1 and SP2
  • Fixed an extremely intermittent frozen display bug
  • Zwave enhancements

Release Notes

Support for WiFi Broadband connectivity

The GC3 firmware can be connected to a customer’s Wifi broadband network allowing for dual-path alarm reporting (if the back-end provider allows). GC3 allowed OTA updates via cell as well as via USB at launch. This feature will add the ability to update the panel over a broadband connection. The broadband update will follow the same rules as a firmware update initiated over cell.

Support SP1 secondary touch panel

The GC3 firmware now supports the SP1 wireless secondary touch panel ( 2GIG-SP1-GC3).

French Language support
The GC3 firmware now supports French language.
Additional Security Sensor Support
The following sensors are now supported by GC3:
  • Bypass Door Window Sensor (2GIG-DW40-345)
  • Flood/Temp Sensor (2GIG-FT1-345)
Additional Zwave device support
  • Locks
  • Kwikset 914/916 locks
  • Thermostats
  • RCS TZ45 Thermostat
  • ADC RTS ( remote temperature sensor)
  • Switches and Lighting
  • WS15Z5-1 (500 series switch)
  • WT00Z5-1 (500 series 3-way switch)
  • WA00Z-1 (2 button battery powered scene controller)
  • WO15EMZ5-1 (500 series plug-in module with energy monitoring)
  • PD300EMZ5-1 (500 series plug-in dimmer with energy monitoring)
  • WD500Z5-1 (500 series in-wall dimmer)
  • GE Lamp Module ZW3101-WCS
  • Vision XL7201US/ZL71001US
  • AEON Labs DSC24-ZWUS
  • Sirens
  • Everspring Siren SE812-2
  • Fortrezz Siren SSA1/SSA2

Release Notes

  • The GC3 panel now supports 2GIG-IMAGE2 powered by Alarm.com with the installation of a XCVR3-GC3.
  • NOTE: The 2GIG-IMAGE2 will NOT work with GC2 panels
  • NOTE: The 2GIG-IMAGE1 will NOT work with GC3 panels.
  • Support for additional Thermostat
  • The GC3 firmware now supports the Alarm.com T2000 thermostat.
  • Improved Two-way Voice performance when switching between modes
  • Improved Two-way Voice performance when using Listen mode with 3G radios
  • Fixed issue with switching temperature to Celsius (Q24: Temperature display units
  • Improved performance of Periodic Test Reporting (Q36: Periodic Test)
  • Various system performance enhancements
Instructions: How Do I Update The Firmware On My 2GIG GC3?
  1. Download the firmware update file.
  2. Save the firmware file to the root directory of a USB flash drive.

    Note: The USB flash drive must have only one partition

  3. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the top of the GC3 panel.
  4. You will see a notice that there is a new firmware to install. Select Update
  5. Enter the Installer code or Master code.
  6. The GC3 will install the update and restart