Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Firmware Updates

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Wireless Security System w slash 7 inch screen

Qolsys regularly releases firmware updates for the IQ Panel 2 plus panels. These updates add new features in addition to ensuring that the panel continues to operate smoothly. Qolsys has been very proactive in adding new features to their panels, as well as providing fixes for minor issues. On this page, you will find the latest firmware updates for the IQ Panel 2 Plus. The current firmware update will be prominently displayed at the top of the page. Select the "Download" button, and you will be on your way!

Current Firmware:

  • Software Version: 2.3.4
  • Build Number: 20190719
  • Linux Version: 3.4.0
  • Android OS Version: 5.1.1

Release Notes

No new features were added in this release but please note An IQ Panel must be on software version 2.0.1 or higher and connected to WIFI to install this update wirelessly:

The Following Fixes/Improvements Have Been Made in This Version
  • Includes all fixes and improvements from the IQ Panel 2 & 2 Plus 2.3.3 Software Update..
  • Includes all fixes and improvements from the IQ Panel 2 & 2 Plus PowerG Modem Firmware Update 80.25.
  • Added a Pin change to better recognize the PowerG daughter card upon reboot.

To wirelessly install this software, no download is required, simply follow these instructions after making sure your panel is on version 2.0.1 or higher, and connected to WIFI:

  • Touch the small gray bar in the center at the top of the Home screen on the panel.
  • Touch “Settings”
  • Touch “Advanced Settings”
  • Enter a valid Installer or Dealer Code (defaults are 1111 and 2222 respectively)
  • Touch “Upgrade Software”.
  • Touch “Patch Tag” and enter: iqpanel2.3.4 then touch “OK”
  • Touch “Upgrade Using Network”. If the panel is connected to WIFI, the system will begin downloading the update, it will be installed when the download completes. Once the update begins Do Not Touch The Screen! The update will take about 5 minutes, and the panel will reboot as a part of the process. When the panel returns to the home screen and the Green LED lights, the process has completed.

  • Release Notes

    The Following New Features Were Added In This Release:
    • There are no New Features in this release.
    The Following Fixes/Improvements Have Been Made in This Version
    1. Added the ability to get the "Long Sensor ID" from the PowerG daughter card and report it to Alarm.com.
    2. Added the ability to get the "Device Firmware Version" from the PowerG Sensors if Auto Learned after updating to 2.3.3 and report it to Alarm.com.
    3. Added the ability to send Alarm.com the PowerG daughter card radio and modem firmware versions.

    Release Notes

    The Following New Features Were Added In This Release:
    • A new setting has been added for "Alarm.com Wellness." When enabled, auxiliary pendants learned into Sensor Group 6 will behave as traditional PERS (Personal Emergency Response Sensor) alarms. When tripped, the panel sends a signal to Alarm.com without generating a loud siren locally. Also no disarm is required to clear the alarm. Elderly users who may not be able to arm and disarm the system between auxiliary button presses will benefit from this update.
    • A new page has been added to the "Easy Install Wizard". This feature checks and verifies that an Alarm.com programming template has been downloaded prior to proceeding with setup. This is a feature for professional installers, rather than DIY users.

    The Following Fixes/Improvements Have Been Made in This Version
    1. PowerG Keypad (WS9LCDWF9) integration improvement:
    • Battery-only mode now supported. Backlight turns off when in battery-only mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the keypad may chime, even if chime was disabled at the panel.
    • Fixed display issues where the PowerG keypad may show zones faulted that were actually closed.
    • Communication stabilized between keypad and panel. This issue could cause a message of "Panel response not received."
    • Improved performance with entry/exit beeps. They now better match the main panel.
    • The ability to enter a user code when disarmed to arm the system to Stay mode is now supported.
    1. Fixed an issue with communication timer test where automated tests would stop after 20 attempts, and wouldn't resume until the panel was reset.
    2. Re-ordered the Easy Install Wizard so that dual-path test now follows WIFI test. The software update page was moved to the end of the wizard.
    3. Removed the ability for the master code to re-launch the Easy Install Wizard on next power up.
    4. Improved First Name, Last Name syncing between panel users and Alarm.com. Also made a change to allow multiple users with the same first name.
    5. Improvements with French language translations, based on customer feedback.
    6. Issue fixed where Chimes and Voices wouldn't restore to previous settings after exiting night mode.
    7. Partition naming improvements, including syncing of names between panel and Alarm.com.
    8. Link Quality Indicators (LQI) for Z-Wave devices are now sent to Alarm.com to improve remote troubleshooting.
    9. Error code reporting and language added to panel to assist with troubleshooting in the event a camera stops streaming to the panel.
    10. The Master Code is no longer allowed to do a master reset on an IQ Remote.
    11. Added support for newer models of the Anker A3102 Bluetooth speaker.

    Instructions for Updating the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus Via SD Card

    For customers who cannot update using WIFI, follow these steps to update using a Micro SD card:
    1. Insert a micro SD card into the computer you plan to download the update files to. A “Class 4” or higher micro SDHC with 4gb - 16gb of storage space is recommended.
    2. Click the link above and download the linked file to your computer. This link is shared via Dropbox, you will need to click the option to "Download" from the top right of your screen. It is recommended that you save the file to your desktop.
    • The file will download as a compressed (.zip) file. Right click the file and choose to open or unzip.
    • A folder will be created called “Software Patch xxx” where xxx indicates the firmware number.
    • Inside the folder there will be three (3) files: “x.x.x.xxxxxxxx_full_upgrade.zip” “release.txt” and “signature”
    • Drag ALL THREE of these files (not the folder itself) to the micro SD card inserted in step 1. These MUST BE the only files on the SD card.
    • Properly remove the micro SD card from the computer.
    1. Insert the micro SD card into the slot on the upper-right side of the Qolsy IQ Panel 2.
    2. Swipe down from the top of the panel’s home screen and touch Settings > Advanced Settings
    3. Enter a valid Dealer or Installer code. Defaults are 2222 and 1111 respectively.
    4. Select Upgrade Software > Upgrade Using SD Card.
    5. The panel will search the SD card and will begin downloading the update files automatically.
    6. Once the files have been located, press “OK” to reboot the panel.
    7. Once this process begins, DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN. The update will take about five minutes. After the panel reboots, the home screen will appear and the LED will turn green.
    8. Eject the SD Card:
    • Swipe down from the top of the panel’s home screen and touch Settings > SD Card.
    • Select “Unmount SD card.”
    • Remove the SD Card from the panel by pushing the card in slightly. It should then spring back out.