Honeywell Home TUXEDOW and Resideo TUXEDOWC Firmware Updates

2GIG Go!Control
The Honeywell Home TUXEDOW and Resideo TUXEDOWC are combination Z-Wave Plus capable Z-Wave Controllers and touchscreen keypads. Both are compatible with the VISTA Line of alarm panels from Honeywell. This page contains Firmware Update files for the touchscreen keypads.

Current Firmware:

Per the manufacturer, it is recommended that the SD or SDHC Card used be limited to a capacity of between 8GB and 32GB. Create a folder on the SD or SDHC Card called "dload" and place the downloaded file, which will be in a .zip format, directly into this folder. Do not unzip the file.

Firmware Update Notes

  1. Keypads with WIFI that have the "Enable Remote Upgrade" option enabled will automatically receive the upgrade files. It can take up to five (5) days from the time the file is downloaded for the firmware to actually be updated. For those users whose keypad does not have access to WIFI, we provide the firmware update files here.
  2. The Firmware will be downloaded and held in the keypad. It will be applied once the system is disarmed and has no zone faults or troubles present. Other conditions that will prevent the firmware from being applied are:
    • Uncleared Alarm Memory
    • Panel AC Loss
    • Panel Low Battery
    • Panel in Programming Mode
  3. The file provided is in a .zip format. It must remain in this format when it is loaded onto the SD or SDHC Card and then inserted into the TUXEDOW or TUXEDOWC.
  4. For Mac users, the downloaded file may attempt to automatically unzip at the time of download. It must remain zipped when being placed into the folder named "dload" that you create on the SD or SDHC Card.