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The 2GIG 2GMV52-A is a cellular communicator for the 2GIG GC2 System that will allow the panel to connect with the Movistar Cellular Network in Mexico. With the communicator installed and activated, the GC2 will be able to connect with the Alarm.com service. Buy the 2GMV52-A from Alarm Grid.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The 2GIG 2GMV52-A allows a 2GIG Go!Control GC2 System to connect with the Movistar Cellular Network in Mexico. Along with the panel's built-in WIFI card, this will provide the panel with a highly effective dual-path setup for excellent communication speeds and exceptional reliability.

Although Alarm Grid does not provide central station monitoring for customers in Mexico, we do offer self-monitoring plans for customers in the country. In order to receive monitoring services in Mexico, the panel will need to be connected with an interactive service, such as Alarm.com. The GC2 System can access the Alarm.com servers using a cellular connection. A user can then use their Alarm.com account to arm and disarm their system, check the current status of sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices and more. Alarm.com can be conveniently accessed from a web browser or the Alarm.com Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. This makes the 2GIG 2GMV52 extremely useful for a GC2 System.

Cellular service also provides many general advantages for an alarm system. Cellular monitoring is usually seen as superior to IP monitoring for several reasons. For one, cellular connectivity is very reliable, with the service almost never going down or becoming unavailable. Cellular service is also unaffected by power outages, and it will keep the system monitored when the electricity is out. The same cannot be said for WIFI connectivity, which can go down for seemingly no reason, and is dependent upon electrical power. Users who want maximum reliability for their system should definitely consider using cellular.


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