How To Program A Keypad To A Vista 48A?

The Honeywell Vista 48 supports up to 8 addressable keypads. The Honeywell 6148 and the Honeywell 6150 Fixed-Word Display Keypads, the Honeywell 6160 and the Honeywell 6164 Alpha Keypads, and the Honeywell 6128RF and the Honeywell 6150RF Keypad/Transceivers.

The Vista 48A also supports up to 2 touch screen (AUI) devices, like the Honeywell 6270 which are in addition to the standard eight addressable keypads.

To enter program mode, (an alpha keypad connected to keypad terminals must be used). Power up,and within 50 seconds of powering up, press both the star (*) key and the pound key (#) at same time. Or if ∗98 was used to exit program mode, this is the only method that can be used to start program mode again) enter the 4 digit installer code (Honeywell’s default installer code is 4 1 1 2 followed by the numbers 8 0 0, example 4112800).

Keypads are identified by predefined addresses, starting at address 16.

Use the following table to enable keypad addresses, assign a partition and enable sound options.

The first keypad should always be addressed to 16 and enabled for partition 1.

Keypad 2 addressed to 17, program field star (*)190

Keypad 3 addressed to 18, program field star (*)191

Keypad 4 addressed to 19, program field star (*)192

Keypad 5 addressed to 20, program field star (*)193

Keypad 6 addressed to 21, program field star (*)194

Keypad 7 addressed to 22, program field star (*)195

Keypad 8 addressed to 23, program field start (*)196

To show Exit Time Display Interval

Enter star (*)197, 0 = no display, 1-5 = seconds between display refreshing. If enabled, keypads display the exit delay time remaining after arming the system, with display updates at the interval selected. If the exit delay is 30 seconds and “2” is selected in this field, the keypad display refreshes every 2 seconds, displaying 30, 28, 26, 24, etc.

To display the partition number enter program field star (*)198 enter

0 = no, or 1 = yes.

If selected, the partition number is displayed in the upper-left corner

of the display.

Always press star (*) 99 to exit programming mode. This will allow re-entry by using the installer code followed by 800.

If star (*)98 is used to exit programming mode, the system must be powered down, and method 1 above used to enter the programming mode.

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