2TB Hard Drive for ADC-SVR122

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The ADC-HDD2.5-2TB is a 2TB hard drive for use in an ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder. This is the maximum hard drive size that can be used in the ADC-SVR122. This will allow you to store more clips locally. Purchase the ADC-HDD2.5-2TB from Alarm Grid.
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Those needing a new or replacement hard drive for an ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder can get great results out of the ADC-HDD2.5-2TB. This accessory is a 2TB hard drive that will allow you to store more clips so that you can view them locally and from

The purpose of adding a streaming video recorder to your security camera network is so that you can set a predetermined recording schedule. This includes the option of continuous 24-hour recording. You can then access the clips locally at the SVR device using an HDMI monitor and a USB mouse. But the real exciting feature is the ability to access the clips remotely through the Mobile App or website.

On the ADC-SVR122 there is a single port for a replaceable hard drive. This is where you will insert the ADC-HDD2.5-2TB so that it can begin storing captured footage. The ADC-HDD2.5-2TB Hard Drive is the largest hard drive available for the ADC-SVR122, as it can store a whopping 2TB worth of video clips! Make sure to keep clip limits in mind when using Security Cameras.

When the ADC-HDD2.5-2TB becomes full, you can download and save clips to a different device and delete clips on the hard drive to make more space. Alternatively, you can also buy a new replacement hard drive and just keep the clips on the old one for archival purposes. It's really up to you.

Keep in mind that a maximum of eight (8) Security Cameras. A monitoring plan with video surveillance is required to use Cameras. The ADC-HDD2.5-2TB measures 2.5 inches in length. For more information on using an Stream Video Recorder (SVR) device, please see this helpful FAQ.

Note: This is NOT an actual stream video recorder device. This is only the hard drive accessory used with the SVR for the purpose of storing clips. For the actual SVR device, please see the ADC-SVR122 linked above.

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