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The ADC-SVR122 allows a user to store video clips from their camera so that they can access them later. A stream video recording is also necessary for achieving a 24-hour recording cycle with ADC Cameras. Buy the ADC-SVR122 Stream Video Recorder from Alarm Grid.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The ADC-SVR122 is a device that allows a user to store digital recordings locally so that they can be accessed later through The recordings can then be permanently saved to the user's computer for viewing whenever. The SVR device is needed for 24-hour recording.

The SVR122 comes with either a 500GB hard drive or a 1TB hard drive that is pre-installed, and it supports recording for up to eight (8) different Cameras. In order to use this device, the user will need video surveillance service from their alarm monitoring company. The Alarm Grid Platinum Plans include this option.

Using the SVR122, the user can select recorded video clips ranging from 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The selected clip can then be stored to a connected device. This is all done through If a user has the Mobile App, they will be able to save their clips from virtually anywhere in the world.

An HDMI output allows the user to view any recorded clips locally from the SVR by connecting a monitor or TV screen. By plugging-in a USB mouse, a user will be able to control their viewing experience. The device also works with the Website and App for remote viewing of any stored recordings.

Update: The ADC-SVR122 supports up to 2TB of storage. There was once a 2TB model that you could purchase, but the part was discontinued by As a result, only the 500GB and 1TB options are available for purchase. However, you can still add your own compatible 2TB hard drive to the module if needed. recommends the use of 2TB Seagate Hard Drives (model number ST2000VT000) for this purpose. The Seagate Hard Drives are NOT available for purchase on the Alarm Grid website.

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