How Does an SVR Work?

An SVR works by storing the footage of Cameras and uploading the footage to (ADC). A Stream Video Recorder (SVR) is required if you want to set up a recording schedule or 24-hour continuous recording for your Cameras. There are two (2) ADC SVR models.

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You do not need an Stream Video Recorder to use Cameras. But without an SVR, you cannot create a fixed recording schedule for your ADC Cameras. Instead, the cameras will only initiate recordings based on motion, audio, or notification triggers created on As a result, an SVR module is the only way to establish 24-hour continuous recording for your ADC Cameras. It is also the only way to view camera footage locally without accessing your ADC account.

When an Camera records footage, it sends the footage to the the ADC Servers and the Stream Video Recorder. You can view both the ADC Cloud footage and the SVR footage by accessing your ADC account, either through the website or the mobile app. Any footage saved on the SVR will be accessible from your ADC account, as long as the SVR has an active internet connection. More information on accessing footage stored on the SVR remotely can be found in this helpful FAQ.

There are a few advantages to using an SVR with your Cameras. First is how the SVR is needed to set up a recording schedule for your Cameras. The other benefit is that the SVR can be used to save camera footage during internet outages. As long as your internet router remains powered on, footage will still be passed from your ADC Cameras to the SVR. This is true even if an active internet connection is not maintained. Once the internet is restored, the SVR will automatically send the saved video clips to the Cloud for remote viewing. For that reason, you might consider providing a backup power source for your internet router and the SVR itself. This FAQ explains more information on how the SVR behaves when the internet goes out.

There are two (2) SVR modules available. These are the ADC-SVR100 and the ADC-SVR122. The ADC-SVR100 has since been discontinued by, but the ADC-SVR122 is still available for purchase. The ADC-SVR100 has the larger hard drive option, as you can configure the device to store up to 4TB (two slots, with up to 2TB each). The newer ADC-SVR122 only has one slot that can be used with a maximum hard drive size of 2TB. Both devices allow users to swap out the hard drive(s) to save more footage. However, the ADC-SVR122 can support up to eight (8) ADC Cameras, while the ADC-SVR100 can only support a maximum of four (4). Additionally, only the ADC-SVR122 has an HDMI port for viewing saved footage locally.

Please note that if the SVR hard drive runs out of space, the oldest footage will be deleted to make more space. This automatic deletion process is conducted in entire days of storage at a time. Deleted footage cannot be recovered. Users should make sure to save their clips before this happens. does not provide notification for low storage space, so you will need to regularly check your available storage space to make sure you aren't running low.

An SVR module must be set up through the website. As a result, you cannot use an ADC SVR and ADC Cameras without active service. Alarm Grid customers will need a monitoring plan that includes video surveillance. Compatible plans include the Platinum Plan, Self-Platinum Plan, and the Video-Only Plan. More information is available on this page, which explains why ADC service is needed to use ADC Cameras.

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Correct. SVRs can only record and play back video.
But the SVR doesn't record audio from cameras that have audio?
Do you mean PoE? As long as the PoE cams are connected to the same network the SVR is connected to, they will be able to see and find each other on the network. The PoE cams will have to get their power either from the router/switch, from a regular power cable, or from a PoE injector.
How do you learn the poi cams in? Since it does not have poi ports

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