August Smart Lock Pro - Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation Reviews


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Very Robust, But Has Flaws
Submitted on 07/15/2020 Alarm Grid

The August Smart Lock Pro is a multi-protocol smart lock that offers some great features and functions. As a Z-Wave Plus lock, it can interface with virtually any Z-Wave controller. The device is set up using the August Home App, which is available for both Android and iOS. You can use Bluetooth communication to set up the device using the app on your phone, with no additional equipment being required. But in order to get the most out of the August Smart Lock Pro, you will want to get the August Connect WIFI Bridge, which is sold separately. Otherwise, you will need to be within Bluetooth range for controlling the device, or you will need to have a remote interactive platform for operating the lock. While the August Smart Lock Pro is a robust, powerful lock in theory, we have found it to be rather wonky to set up and somewhat cumbersome. The idea of having HomeKit and Z-Wave in one smart lock device sounds tremendous on paper, we can only give this product a 4 Star rating, due to the number of issues we have experienced.

There are aspects we like about the August Smart Lock Pro. For one, it is compatible Apple HomeKit, which is fantastic for iOS users looking to build around the HomeKit network. Z-Wave Plus connectivity is also super important, as you can interface the lock with virtually any Z-Wave hub. If you successfully pair the device with a security system that features a built-in Z-Wave hub, then the system will automatically push the lock over to its associated interactive automation platform, such as Total Connect 2.0 or The lock's Z-Wave functionality and HomeKit compatibility make it possible for the lock to interface with a wide selection of voice assistants, including Google Home, Amazon, Alexa, and Apple Siri. We also like the fact that the lock has built-in Bluetooth for local wireless communication.

But there are a couple of key downsides that we must mention regarding the August Smart Lock Pro. Most notably, its connectivity is rather wonky and unreliable in our experience. We have had trouble getting it to enroll with certain Z-Wave networks, and calibrating the lock can be somewhat of a chore. All of the setup and troubleshooting for the device is done through the August Home App, which is rather cumbersome. While most Z-Wave devices have some type of button or other method for including/excluding on the device itself, the August Smart Lock Pro requires this to be done through the app. This requires creating an account and going through a long list of inconveniences. There's also the fact that the lock cannot use WIFI unless an August Connect WIFI Bridge is added.

While the August Smart Lock Pro certainly boasts some impressive features on paper, we can only give it a 4 Star rating due to its flaws.

Good: HomeKit and Z-Wave Compatibility, Use w/ TC2 and ADC, Works w/ Many Voice Assistants, Built-In Bluetooth

Bad: Wonky and Unreliable Connectivity, Difficult Enrolling and Calibrating, Requires Use of August Home App, No WIFI Unless Connect Bridge is Added

Bottom Line: 4 Stars