Residential Access Control

​Residential access control is the process of restricting access to a person's home. With residential access control devices, you can help keep your family safe by stopping unwanted intruders from entering your house. These devices are also easy to use, making them great for any home security system.
Kwikset 910 - Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock (Polished Brass)
Kwikset 910
Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock
List Price: $289.00
Our Price: $167.99

Residential access control refers to the process of preventing unwanted visitors from accessing a person’s home. By using residential access control devices, you can help keep your family safe and your valuables protected. All of our residential access control devices are very easy to use, making them great for any DIY user who wants to ensure that their home is kept safe and secure while they are away. These devices also include outstanding features such as remote connectivity and keypad access to further improve both their functionality and the overall end user experience.

Z-Wave door locks represent one of the most popular forms of residential access control. These devices are highly effective in preventing residential break-ins, and they make home protection easier for end users. They can be installed in mere minutes, and setting them up with a security panel is an incredibly straightforward process. Once the door lock has been programmed, it will interact with the security system wirelessly using Z-Wave communication. This will allow a user to lock or unlock their door right from their security panel.

Like most other Z-Wave devices, Z-Wave door locks can be controlled remotely if the user’s security system has been set up with an interactive service, such as Total Connect or In order to do this, a user will need to have a monitoring plan that includes connectivity with an interactive platform, as well as the respective mobile app installed on their smartphone. Using the mobile app and an associated account, a user will be able to lock or unlock their door from almost anywhere. This feature can be incredibly useful if you ever need to let a person inside while you are away from home. For example, if you forgot to unlock the door for the appliance repair person, you will be able to grant them access right from your desk at work.

Upon programming a Z-Wave door lock with a security panel, all of the panel’s codes will be automatically integrated into the device. This means that you will be able to use the system’s Master Code and any valid user code to control the lock right from the device itself. In other words, just one code is needed to gain access into your home. You can even program the device to automatically disarm your security panel as soon as you enter your home. This is just another way that residential access control devices offer impressive convenience for end users.

All of our Z-Wave door locks are fully compatible with any type of security system that we support. While some systems will be able to support the Z-Wave door lock right away, others will require a Z-Wave module upgrade in order to support these devices. Most users find that installing a Z-Wave module into their security panel is an easy process that can be completed with very little effort. Once the Z-Wave module has been installed, a Z-Wave door lock can be enrolled much like any other Z-Wave device.

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