Access Controls

​Access control is the process of restricting access to a certain place. By using access control devices, you can prevent others from accessing an important location, such as your home or business. Many protection devices can be integrated into your security system to make access control even easier.
Yale YRC226
Assure Lock Interconnected Z-Wave Plus Lockset with Touchscreen Keypad
List Price: $754.00
Our Price: $491.99
Yale YRC216
Assure Lock Interconnected Z-Wave Plus Lockset with Push Button Keypad
List Price: $754.00
Our Price: $491.99
Yale YRD216 Brass Front - Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock
Yale YRD216
Z-Wave Push Button Deadbolt Lock
List Price: $404.00
Our Price: $263.99
Yale YRD256 w/ iM1 Module
Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt for Apple HomeKit
List Price: $480.00
Our Price: $313.99
August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock with Connect WIFI Bridge, 3rd Gen
List Price:
Our Price: $289.99
August Smart Lock Pro - Dark Gray Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
August Smart Lock Pro
Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock, 3rd Generation
List Price: $338.00
Our Price: $234.99

Keeping your home or business safe is very important. That is why we offer highly-advanced and extremely secure door locks that are able to restrict people from accessing the inside of your building. These devices are incredibly easy to use and install, making them a great addition to almost any security setup. Additionally, our access control devices support several fantastic features, such as remote connectivity and code-entry access.

Z-Wave door locks are a popular type of access control devices that can do a great job of protecting any home or business. They are programmed into a security panel and installed in a door to keep it locked and secured when needed. Once the device has been properly set up, a user will be able to control the lock directly from their security system. Using wireless Z-Wave signals, your security panel will be able to communicate with the lock in order to lock or unlock the door whenever you desire.

If the system is set up with an interactive platform, such as Total Connect or, the user can control their Z-Wave door lock remotely using the appropriate mobile app. This can be very useful if you ever need to lock or unlock your door when you are not at home. For example, if your friend from out of town arrives unexpectedly early, you will be able to unlock the door for them using your Z-Wave door lock. Please note that you will need to have a monitoring plan that includes access to an interactive service in order to perform this function.

Once a Z-Wave door lock has been programmed with your security panel, you will be able to unlock the door by using its included keypad and entering in the Master Code or any valid user code that has been set up with your security system. This will prevent you from having to remember multiple codes just to access your own home or business. You can also program the Z-Wave door lock to automatically disarm your security panel whenever you do this. This keypad entry feature is just another way that Z-Wave door locks provide tremendous convenience for end users.

Most importantly, our Z-Wave door locks are remarkably tough and durable to prevent anyone from breaking into your home or business. They are constructed from top-quality materials, and they are strength tested to ensure that your building receives the best protection possible. They are also available in a variety of different designs and finishes to fit-in with any modern door.

All of our Z-Wave door locks are compatible with any type of security panel that we support. Users should be aware that the panel must have Z-Wave functionality in order to interact with this type of door lock. Some panels will readily support Z-Wave devices right out of the box, while other systems will require a separate Z-Wave module to be added. Installing a Z-Wave module is very easy, and the task can be fully completed by most end users.

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