Verizon LTE and IP Dual-Path Communicator for Interlogix Concord 4

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The CD-421-US-VZ provides dual-path connectivity with the servers for a Concord 4 Panel. It communicates across the Verizon LTE Network and through a local IP network using a hardwired ethernet connection. It doubles as a Z-Wave plus controller. Buy the CD-421-US-VZ here.
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The CD-421-US-VZ provides dual-path connectivity for an Interlogix Concord 4 System. The panel will use this communicator to connect with the servers for monitoring service. This is done through the Verizon LTE Network and through a hardwired ethernet connection for IP.

The term "dual-path" refers to the fact that the panel communicates across both cellular and IP. This is perfect for ensuring that the system maintains connectivity with at all times. This works by having the module send out signals across both paths. Whichever signal goes through first will be accepted, while the other will be discarded. As long as one signal goes through, everything will be fine.

Since internet protocol (IP) is typically faster, that is usually seen as the primary path. Cellular communication provides a reliable backup in case the internet ever goes out. This is because cellular communication is generally very reliable. As long as your system maintains a strong cellular connection, you should almost never experience a service outage. This is perfect for ensuring reliable and consistent performance from your Concord 4 Panel.

It is important to mention that the CD-421-US-VZ works across the Verizon LTE Network. Verizon has stated on numerous occasions that they plan to maintain their LTE network well into the very distant future. By installing and activating this communicator, you are "future-proofing" your Concord 4 Panel so that it can remain monitored for many years to come.

By installing and activating the CD-421-US-VZ for monitoring service, you will be able to control your system through This is an interactive monitoring and automation platform that you can access from pretty much anywhere using a web browser or the Mobile App. Once you have logged into your ADC account, you can arm/disarm, check current system status, control Z-Wave devices, and more.

Speaking of Z-Wave, the CD-421-US-VZ functions as a Z-Wave Plus controller for your Concord 4 System. This will let you enroll Z-Wave devices with the system so that they can be operated through This includes devices like smart lights, locks, thermostats, and more. You can also set the devices up for use with Smart Scenes for automatic operation and control based on a set schedule or with certain system events.

Please note that the CD-421-US-VZ only works with Concord Panels running software version 4.0 or higher. Remember, you will need a Gold Plan or higher in order to activate and use this module. More information is available on our alarm monitoring page.

Brand: Alarm.comInterlogix

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