How Do I Upgrade an Interlogix NetworX or an Interlogix Concord 4 System to Use LTE?

You can upgrade an Interlogix NetworX or an Interlogix Concord 4 System to use LTE by powering down the panel, installing the communicator, powering the panel back on, and activating the communicator for monitoring service. You will need a monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity.

An alarm system uses a communicator to send and receive signals. This is very important for monitoring service to take place. Alarm Grid does not sell the actual Interlogix NetworX or Concord 4 Systems. However, we do sell a variety of LTE communicators and dual-path communicators that work with these systems to get them monitored. If you have a NetworX or Concord 4 System that is not using LTE communication, then you will want to either upgrade the system's communicator or replace the panel entirely. In many cases, you can continue using your hardwired Interlogix Panel without issue.

It's important to note that the Interlogix Systems were previously sold under the GE banner rather than the Interlogix nameplate. So if you see a GE NetworX Panel or a GE Concord System, then it is basically the same thing. One other huge note that is very important to consider is that your panel must be on a high enough firmware version to support an LTE communicator. There are some NetworX and Concord Panels that are too old and cannot be upgraded to LTE. In those situations, the panel must be replaced. Check the firmware version requirements before purchasing any communicator.

As of March 2020, it's possible that you may have an Interlogix NetworX or Concord 4 System that is using 3G or CDMA cellular communication. While this is fine for now, you will eventually need to upgrade to LTE. Most cellular service providers plan on shutting down their older 3G and CDMA networks sometime in 2022. Once that happens, your 3G or CDMA communicator will no longer work, and your panel will no longer be capable of sending signals. You must upgrade to LTE so that your panel remains monitored. For reference, stopped allowing 3G and CDMA activations last year in 2019. And since requires a system to have a registered cellular communicator, you will need to upgrade to LTE cellular at some point or another. One thing we do want to stress - DO NOT deactivate your existing 3G or CDMA communicator before speaking with us first. We may use to push down a firmware update so that your panel can support a newer communicator. This won't be possible if you deactivate your system's current communicator and it loses connectivity with Always speak with us before making any hardware changes.

Some users might think that it's okay to wait until the last minute to upgrade to LTE. And while Alarm Grid will continue to support these communicators, we recommend upgrading sooner rather than later. An LTE communicator will offer faster communication speeds when transmitting signals to, and it will offer better reliability and performance overall. Additionally, adding an LTE communicator is seen as a long-term upgrade. Cellular service providers like AT&T and Verizon have publicly stated that they plan on maintaining support for their LTE networks for many years into the future, even as 5G networks eventually rise to prominence.

At this time, Alarm Grid sells the communicators listed below for the Interlogix NetworX Panels. Please note that these communicators are for the NetworX 4V2, NetworX 6V2, NetworX 8V2, and NetworX 8E only. If you have an older NetworX Panel, then you will most likely need to upgrade the panel. Keep in mind that other NetworX LTE Communicators exist, but these are the only ones sold by Alarm Grid at this time (March 2020).

The Interlogix Concord 4 is compatible with a different set of communicators. These communicators, which are listed below are for the Concord 4 System only. If you have an older Interlogix/GE Concord System, then you will need to upgrade to a newer panel. There are other Concord 4 LTE Communicators that exist, but these are the only ones sold by Alarm Grid as of March 2020.

Remember that you will need a monitoring plan to activate any communicator. This monitoring plan must include cellular service, and it must be compatible with the communicator you are using. We recommend shopping around and finding the best monitoring plan for your needs. Please note that the Alarm Grid Gold and Platinum Level Plans (Self or Full) and the Alarm Grid Cellular-Only Plan will work with ALL of the aforementioned communicators. Alarm Grid is happy to take over any existing Interlogix NetworX or Interlogix Concord 4 System, provided that it has been outfitted with a cellular communicator that we can activate for monitoring service. The communicators above are all excellent options, provided that you have a compatible system. Determining compatibility can be tricky, so feel free to email us at if you aren't sure of which purchase decision to make. We are happy to help.

One last thing to keep in mind is that the cellular service provider (usually AT&T or Verizon) you select will make no difference on your monitoring plan. Your monitoring costs will remain the same regardless of which service provider you decide to go with. With that in consideration, just go with whichever cellular service works best in the area where the system will be used. Check coverage maps and see which one is more reliable. If you find that neither AT&T nor Verizon provides adequate service in your area, consider getting a cellular antenna or a cellular amplifier.

For this FAQ, we will assume that you have an Interlogix NetworX or Concord 4 Panel that is LTE ready and does not need any firmware updates or software revisions. Complete the following steps to upgrade your Interlogix NetworX Panel or Interlogix Concord 4 Panel to LTE:

1. Power down the panel. Always power down the panel before making hardware changes. First disconnect the backup battery. Then unplug the transformer. The panel should power down. Make sure that the system is fully powered down before continuing.

2. Install the communicator. If your panel has an existing communicator installed, now is the time to remove it. You will install the new LTE communicator in the same location. Refer to the installation manual for the LTE module for the process of installing the new communicator. It will wire-in directly with the main system board. For hardwired panels, communicators are generally mounted on the outside of the panel's metal enclosure on a nearby wall. Be sure to verify adequate signal strength before permanently mounting the communicator.

3. Power on the panel. With the new communicator installed, you should now power on the panel. Plug in the transformer first, then plug in the backup battery. Your system should power back on.

4. Activate the communicator. You must now activate the communicator for monitoring service. This process is completed by an alarm monitoring company. If you are being monitored by a different company other than Alarm Grid, then speak with that company. If you are starting new service with Alarm Grid as a brand-new Alarm Grid customer, then you will have selected an activation slot when signing up for a monitoring plan. An activator will call you at the scheduled time. Please have the above steps completed prior to your scheduled activation. This will make the process much easier for both you and our activation team. If you are an existing Alarm Grid customer and you are simply upgrading your system to use LTE, then please email us at We will work with you to determine a good time to complete the upgrade.

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