Alarm.com AT&T Communicator for Impassa w/ Image Sensor Module


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The DSC 3G8055IAT is an AT&T cellular communicator for use with a DSC Impassa Alarm System. The module will allow the panel to be used with the Alarm.com service for remote operation. Cellular communication provides superb reliability. Get your DSC Impassa online with this communicator.
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The DSC 3H8055IAT Alarm.com AT&T Communicator provides cellular monitoring service for a DSC Impassa. Cellular monitoring is known for its excellent reliability and fast speeds, making it the optimal communication path for an alarm system. The panel will also be able to access Alarm.com.

There are a couple of key advantages that cellular monitoring provides over IP monitoring. Cellular service almost never goes down, which means a user shouldn't have to worry about sudden outages. Another advantage is the fact that cellular service will continue to work when the power is out. The same cannot be said for an internet connection, which is dependent upon electricity.

The other advantage to the DSC 3G8055IAT is that it allows the DSC Impassa to be used with Alarm.com. This is an interactive service platform that a user can access at any time to control their alarm system. Alarm.com allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the status of security sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices and more. The service can be accessed through a web browser or remotely using the Alarm.com Mobile App on iOS or Android devices.

The DSC 3G8055IAT also allows various add-ons to be used with a DSC Impassa. The module has a built-in Z-Wave controller, and it will allow the user to integrate various Z-Wave smart home automation devices with their Impassa. These devices can be controlled from Alarm.com using the web browser or the mobile app. The cellular radio also includes an image sensor module, allowing an image sensor (purchased separately) to be used with the system. An image sensor is basically a motion sensor with a built-in camera that takes a picture whenever the device detects motion. The image will then be available for viewing on Alarm.com so that the user can see what activity is occurring in their home or business.


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