How Do I Create or Change an Image Sensor Rule in Using the Website?

You can create or change an image sensor rule in using the website by logging into using a web browser, going to Automation, then Rules, then + Add New Rule, then Image Sensor rule, and then configuring the options for the rule as needed. Save your changes when finished.

Anyone who is using image sensors with will likely want to set up one or more image sensor rules. The rules determine when image sensors produce photos and who is notified. Fortunately, it's very easy to set up image sensor rules with, and you shouldn't have any trouble using the website to do this. This is one setting that is only available from the website, not from the app. For the purpose of this FAQ, we will assume that you already have image sensor devices enrolled with your account and that they are installed as needed.

Complete the following steps to create a new image sensor rule in the website:

1. Login to ADC website. Login to the website. Complete any 2-factor authentication (2FA) if it is enabled. If you'd like to enable 2-factor authentication, check out how to do so here.

2 Add Image Sensor Rule. After logging in, choose Automation on the left-hand side of the screen, then choose Rules at the top, and select the "+Add New Rule" button in the upper-right corner. Then choose an Image Sensor Rule. This will add the rule, but you will still need to configure it for it to work properly.

3. Choose Rule Type. Upon adding the image sensor rule, you must select whether it is a Daily View or an Activity Alert. Or you can choose from many "Suggested Rules".

  • Daily View - Will take a photo and automatically upload it for the first motion detected by the image sensor within a set time frame.
  • Activity Alert - Will take a photo and automatically upload it for the first motion detection after a specified period of inactivity.

4. Configure the rule. You will then configure the rule based on the available settings. The options will differ between Daily Views and Activity Alerts. You can see previews of both types below. Adjust the settings as needed for your situation. You will also name the rule and add recipients. Be very careful when adding recipients as this will determine who is notified. Remember to press the blue Save button in the bottom-right corner when you have finished. This will confirm your selections and finish creating the rule.

There are certain Image Sensor rules that are premade, and can only be edited. If you ever need to EDIT an existing Image Sensor Rule, complete the following steps:

1. Login to ADC website. Access through a web browser, not the customer app. Login to your account. Complete 2FA if enabled.

2. Locate the rule. Choose Automation on the left-hand side. Click the pencil icon next to the rule you want to edit. Remember, only existing rules will be displayed. You can also toggle the rule enabled or disabled if you want to keep it for later use without deleting it entirely. But clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit.

3. Configure the rule settings. Adjust the settings for the rule as desired after clicking the pencil icon. Once you have configured the settings, choose the blue Save button in the bottom-right corner.

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