Addressable Fire Point Module

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The DSC AMP-702 is an addressable fire point module that is used with normally open sensors. The wired normally open sensors will connect in with the device. This makes the AMP-702 suitable for hardwired smoke detectors that use normally open wiring. Buy the DSC AMP-702 from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC AMP-702 Addressable Fire Point Module provides an addressable loop for normally open sensors, most notably normally open smoke detectors. The sensors will connect with the AMP-702, which connects with the panel. This eliminates the need to run every sensor directly to the panel.

The biggest use of the AMP-702 is that it allows several wired smokes to be wired in with the same addressable loop. This cuts down on wiring, and makes installation easier. Any open circuit on the loop will initiate a trouble, while a short will cause an alarm. A tamper switch will also alert with the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the device.

Brand: DSC

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