Pet Friendly Dual Tech PIR Motion Detector

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The DSC LC-104-PIMW​ Pet Friendly Dual Tech PIR Motion Detector can actively monitor virtually any indoor environment for intruders. It uses both passive infrared (PIR) technology and microwave doppler sensing when checking for motion. Purchase the DSC LC-104-PIMW Motion Detector here.
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The DSC LC-104-PIMW is a dual tech motion detector that utilizes both passive infrared (PIR) and microwave sensing technologies. The device also features pet immunity for small animals weighing up to 55 pounds. This makes it perfect for homes where small pets are regularly present.

The PIR sensor of the LC-104-PIMW looks for changes in infrared energy caused by movement. This sensor will activated when a sufficient change in energy is detected. Meanwhile, the device's microwave sensor operates based on the Doppler effect. This means that the device will monitor microwave signals that are sent out by the sensor and respond to any changes in the way that they bound back at the sensor. The LC-104-PIMW will only activate if both the PIR and the Microwave sensors are triggered. This dual tech method of detection is excellent for reducing false alarms that may occur on the system.

The LC-104-PIMW is particularly good at properly identifying motion caused by an intruder. The device utilizes digital signal analysis and Quad Linear Imaging Technology to properly recognize the shape of the human body. This helps the sensor distinguish between motion caused by a human intruder and motion that occurs in the background or caused by a pet. The device features a detection range of up to 49 feet, and this range can be adjusted if needed.

End users will have no trouble mounting the LC-104-PIMW. An optional swivel-mount bracket can be used to make the installation easier if desired. The sensor is wired with the system as a Form A alarm contact (normally closed), and the device features a tamper switch to alert the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the device while the system is armed.

Coverage Area: 50' x 50' at minimum sensitivity setting. 60' x 50' at maximum sensitivity setting.

Brand: DSC

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