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The DSC PT4 Proximity Tag is a special device that will automatically disarm a DSC Impassa or PowerSeries Panel. It can only be used if a WT5500P External Keypad is programmed. The PT4 can be held up to the WT5500P to perform an action that would otherwise require a code. Buy the PT4 here.
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The DSC PT4 is a proximity tag that works exclusively with DSC Systems. The device can only be used if there is a WT5500P Keypad programmed with the system. When the PT4 is held up next to the tag reader on the WT5500P, it will provide the same function as entering in a valid user code.

The PT4 is a great product for users who might have a hard time remembering system codes. It can also be temporarily given to a guest so that they can arm and disarm the system without actually knowing a regular system code. The device has a diameter of just 1.35 inches, making it very convenient to carry around in a pocket or a purse.

To use the PT4, simply hold the device up against the tag reader on the WT5500P Keypad when a valid code needs to be entered. The keypad will recognize the device, and it will simulate providing a user code. The battery in the PT4 will need to be replaced roughly every 8 years in order to keep it working.

Please note that the PT4 will only work with the WT5500P Proximity Keypad. It will not work with the standard WT5500 Keypad!

Update: the PT4 will also work with the WTK5504P Touchscreen Keypad for the DSC Impassa. This keypad also includes a proximity tag reader. But it will not work with the standard WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad, as it does not include a proximity tag reader.

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