Wireless Touchscreen Keypad w/ Prox Tag Reader

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The DSC WTK5504P is a wireless touchscreen keypad designed for use with the DSC Impassa and the DSC PowerSeries Systems. This version of the touchscreen keypad includes an integrated proximity tag reader that is designed for use with the DSC PT4. Buy the DSC WTK5504P Touchscreen Keypad here.
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The DSC WTK5504P Wireless Touchscreen Keypad with Proximity Tag Reader will provide a secondary on-site access point for a DSC Impassa or DSC PowerSeries Alarm System. This keypad is great for users who want to be able to provide easy to use touchscreen capabilities for their DSC System.

Since the WTK5504P does not provide access to installer programming, the device shouldn't be used as a primary point of access to the system. However, the touchscreen does make a great secondary access point for arming and disarming. Many users will install the WTK5504P by their building's primary entryway. This way, they can use the touchscreen controller to quickly arm and disarm their system as they come and go. But remember, a keypad for performing programming changes will still be needed. For the DSC Impassa, this can be done from the actual panel itself.

Meanwhile, the actual security system can be hidden in another location of the property. This way, an intruder will be less likely to locate and destroy the system during a break-in. If a DSC Impassa is being used, the panel will still be able to arm and disarm the system as normal. This makes it a useful tool for a secondary entryway, such as a back door or a garage door. Then if the user leaves from one of these spots, they will still have a conveniently accessible controller for operating their alarm system.

The screen on the WTK5504 measures in at 4.3 inches, and the easy to navigate menus are displayed in full color. Also included is support for up to five programmable function keys and three on-screen emergency buttons. Whenever a notification is sent from the Alarm.com service, the message will be displayed on the WTK5504 for easy viewing. Other features include a tamper switch and a reliable backup battery for powering the system during electrical outages.

This version of the WTK5504 includes a proximity tag reader that is designed for use with the DSC PT4. There is also a version of this keypad that includes both a proximity tag reader and a desk mount (WTK5504PD) and a standalone version that includes neither the proximity tag reader nor desk mount (WTK5504).

Brand: DSC

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