WT5500 Wireless Keypad w/ Desk Mount


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The DSC WT5500D is the version of the DSC WT5500 Push-Button Keypad that includes a desk mount for easy installation. The keypad is designed for use with the DSC Impassa and DSC PowerSeries Alarm Systems, and it provides access to installer programming. Buy the DSC WT5500D from us.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The DSC WT5500D Wireless Touch-Button Keypad provides a second on-site point of access for a DSC Impassa or a DSC PowerSeries System.The device provides access to installer-level programming, and it includes a 2x16 character message display. This version of the keypad includes a desk mount.

The most common application of the DSC WT5500D is to provide a secondary point of access for a DSC Impassa Alarm System. A user might install one of these keypads by their back door or by their garage door so that they can easily disarm their system from any entryway in their home. This can be very convenient for users with larger properties who don't want to move across the entire building to operate their system. A maximum of four of these devices can be used with a DSC Impassa.

On the keypad, there is a powerful backlight that makes it easy to operate the device in the dark. A reliable battery keeps the device powered on at all times, even when the electricity is out. However, the life-span of the battery is somewhat short, and it will need to be replaced every year. Another feature of the DSC WT5500D is the ability to chime when an entry/exit sensor is activated. A tamper switch will alert the system if anyone tries to open up or disable the keypad while the system is armed. Other features include support for up to five programmable function keys and three integrated emergency buttons. And of course, the included desk mount for the WT5500D makes installing the keypad an absolute breeze.

DIY users will be particularly pleased with the access to installer-level system programming that the WT5500D offers. This feature allows users to program, edit and delete sensors using the WT5500D. In fact, all system programming settings can be adjusted right from the keypad. For hardwired DSC PowerSeries users, the WT5500D will most likely serve as their main tool for programming their alarm system. DSC Impassa users will also appreciate the fact that they can make changes to their system's settings and configurations from a second location.

Please note that this version of the keypad comes with a desk mount. DSC also offers another version of the same keypad without the desk mount, the DSC WT5500.


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