Desk Mounts for Alarm Keypads

Desk mounts for alarm keypads can make it much easier for you to finish your alarm system setup. This way, you can have your alarm keypad conveniently mounted on a desk or table, rather than having it mounted to the fall. This is great for DIYers who do not want to drill holes. Buy desk mounts here.
Desk Mount for NEO Keypad
List Price: $32.00
Our Price: $21.99
Honeywell LKP500-DK - Lyric Keypad Desk Mount
Honeywell LKP500-DK
Lyric Keypad Desk Mount
List Price: $36.00
Our Price: $24.99
Honeywell 5828DM - Desk Mount Kit
Honeywell 5828DM
Desk Mount Kit
List Price: $58.00
Our Price: $38.99
Wireless Touchscreen Keypad w/ Desk Mount
List Price: $260.00
Our Price: $169.99
WT5500 Wireless Keypad w/ Desk Mount
List Price: $228.00
Our Price: $148.99
Desk Mount Kit for WT5500 Wireless Keypad
List Price: $28.00
Our Price: $19.99
Desk Mount for Iotega Touchscreen Keypad, WS9TCHWNA
List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $6.99

Desk mounts are very nice accessories for alarm systems. These devices let you prop up your panel or keypad on a desk instead of having it mounted to the wall or laying flat. Not everyone is able to drill holes in their walls. Additionally, some DIY users might have a tough time mounting their own keypad to the wall. For these users, desk mounts for keypads make a great addition. You just need one desk mount per keypad. They easily slide on, and you can quickly take them off if you ever decide that you want to mount your keypads later.

There really is not much difference between a desk mount for an alarm keypad and a desk mount for an alarm panel. Remember, the alarm panel is the central hub of a security system. All of the sensors enrolled with the system will communicate with the alarm panel. On the other hand, the keypad is a controller for the rest of the system. A keypad will relay commands to the alarm panel, which will then forward the commands to the sensors and other accessories. There are also all-in-one panels that you operate much like a keypad. But still, the all-in-one panel represents the system hub.

It's fairly easy to describe a desk mount, whether it is used for a keypad or a panel. It is basically a prop that keeps the system upright. This is typically desirable to laying the keypad or panel flat on a desk. It is easier to see what you are doing when using a desk mount than if you just have the keypad laying flat. Additionally, if you are hunched over your keypad or panel without a desk mount, then you might strain your back or neck. While you don't absolutely need a desk mount, it certainly is a lot more aesthetically pleasing and a lot more comfortable to use.

Like most security system accessories, there are a few things to look for when deciding on a new desk mount for your keypad. You need to make sure that the desk mount you purchase is compatible with your keypad. Alarm system keypads come in a variety of different sizes. Most manufacturers will have a specific keypad desk mount available. You want to get the one that matches your keypad. Otherwise, it will not fit. A desk mount will clearly indicate which panel or keypad it is built for.

The desk mounts of this page are all designed for use with keypads. Although panels have very similar desk mounts, we put the ones for keypads here. These are great for anyone with a wireless keypad that they want to use with their system. You can get desk mounts for a Honeywell 5828, a Honeywell LKP500 Lyric Keypad and so much more. These desk mounts are all very durable, and they should serve your keypad well for a long time. You will be very happy with your new desk mount.

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